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Verse ideas for wedding invitations

Verse ideas for wedding invitations

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"Wasn't the wedding ceremony beautiful? The highlight, of course, was Linda floating magically down the aisle. I'm sure we were all thinking exactly the same ..."

Selecting a verse for a wedding ceremony is a personal choice. A bride and groom will want the reading, the printed verse in the program or the verse on the invitations to reflect their hopes for life together. Fortunately, there are many options for finding the perfect verse.

  1. Verse for the Invitation

    • Usually, there is not room on a wedding invitation for a long verse. A romantic quote is the perfect solution here, and there are many to be had. Choose a quote for the invitation the reflects both the style of the wedding and the personality of the couple. For instance, if a couple is getting married in a small, outdoor ceremony, a quote that reflects nature might be a good choice. If a couple is having a large Catholic church ceremony, a religious quote might be appropriate. Keep the quote brief, but make sure the sentiment is on point.

    Verse for the Ceremony

    • At the actual ceremony, a longer verse (and sometimes even two verses) read by friends of the bride and groom is the norm. The couple chooses readings that mean something to them- many times, they choose a religious verse. Many Christian couples rely on the Bible for a verse, and there are many to choose from that talk about subjects like love, fidelity and honor. If a couple chooses to have two readers at their ceremony, it is wise to keep the readings brief. Weddings with just one reader can use a longer verse.

      Religious verse is not the only choice. Romantic poetry is another popular choice. Famous poets like Lord Byron, Keats and Shakespeare are all prime sources. Those couples lucky enough to have a poetic friend or relative could honor them by asking for a personalized poem or reading written by the person.

    Verse for the Program

    • If the ceremony will have a program, printing a verse at the top, on the cover or on the bottom of the program is a nice way to reflect the tone of the ceremony. A few lines of a poem the couple likes, or a portion of a Bible verse to be read during the ceremony would tie the program to the ceremony and also make it a lovely keepsake for the guests.


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