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Unique fall bridal bouquet ideas

Unique fall bridal bouquet ideas

It's interesting:
"It's a shame, given this is a winter wedding, that the minister wouldn't let Paul and Linda have the pantomime theme wedding they originally wanted. Looking at Paul, I think ‘Puss in Boots’ would have been very appropriate."

Holding a fall wedding is already bucking tradition, as most nuptials occur in spring and summer months. For a unique spin on the bridal bouquet, avoid roses and traditional colors such as white and cream and look for blossoms in fall colors like orange, red and yellow. Or you can make a bouquet out of something other than flowers, such as fall fruit.

  1. Fall Flowers

    • Your flower selection for an fall wedding may be limited, at least compared to spring and summer. Sunflowers are bright and showy and in season for fall, yet they're rarely found in a bridal bouquet. Tiger lilies can be found year-round and bear perfect fall colors of orange and yellow. Ornamental poppies come in bright red and orange hues with large, showy blossoms. Other flower possibilities include dahlias, mums, Chinese lanterns, irises, salvia, orchids and Gerbera daisies.

    Halloween Flowers

    • If you're of a goth bent or your fall wedding is Halloween-themed, you might consider constructing a bouquet out of famously poisonous flowers, such as foxglove, Chinese Lanterns and Queen Anne's Lace. Black hollyhocks, tulips or irises could also be added to such a bouquet.

    Fall Leaves

    • There's no reason your bouquet has to include any flowers. Fall leaves in all their colorful finery can be arranged in a bouquet and set off with bare twigs, branches of dried berries or crystals. You, your florist or a crafty member of your wedding party can even form faux rosebuds out of autumn leaves for an impressive and unusual bouquet.

    Grain and Grasses

    • Another fall bouquet idea is to use dried stalks of grain such as rye and wheat for a harvest-themed bouquet. Either flowers or fall leaves can be incorporated into your bouquet design- strands of English ivy can provide a subdued green contrast.


    • Fall fruit provides another option for your harvest-themed bouquet. Fruits from which to choose include grapes on the vine, ornamental berries, persimmons, pomegranates, apples, rose hips, olives, chili pods, cranberries and kumquats. Using a cornucopia as your holder will provide a unique look. Another option is using dried fruit as the petals for your "flowers."


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