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How to perform the pregnancy pencil test

perform the pregnancy pencil test

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Before ultrasounds, there was no definitive way of determining the sex of an unborn baby. Many women relied on old wives tales to predict what their children would be. The pregnancy pencil test, which originated in Hungary, is one of the most common gender-predicting games that women use.

Things You'll Need

  • Unsharpened, number two lead pencil
  • Sewing needle
  • Sewing thread


    • 1

      Sharpen the number two lead pencil. Make sure that it is sharp so you can observe any movement.

    • 2

      Thread a piece of sewing thread though the needle. The size of the thread is not important, just so it is long enough to dangle the pencil over your wrist.

    • 3

      Stick the tip of the needle into the top of the pencil eraser. The needle should be stuck in enough so that when you hold the pencil by the thread, it will not fall out. The sharpened point of the pencil should be facing downward.

    • 4

      Place your hand on a hard, sturdy surface with your palm up. Ensure you are away from any wind or breeze.

    • 5

      Pick up the pencil by the string and dangle it so the tip of the pencil is touching your wrist, making sure that your hand is very still.

    • 6

      Observe the pencil, as it should begin to move. If the pencil moves up and down the length of your arm, you will have a boy. If the pencil moves side to side, you will have a girl.

Tips &- Warnings

  • The pregnancy pencil test is meant for entertainment purposes only.


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