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Vineyard wedding decoration ideas

Vineyard wedding decoration ideas

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Vineyards are a popular wedding venue as they add a modern touch and rustic charm to a ceremony or reception. If you are planning to host your wedding in a vineyard, your decorations should reflect the location. Wine and grape themed decorations will complement the vineyard setting. Vineyard themed decorations can be made at home or ordered through an online retailer and can be incorporated in both the ceremony or reception.

  1. Basket of Grape

    • A basket of grapes can be used for a wedding reception table centerpiece. Not only is this an inexpensive decoration, it will complement the vineyard theme. Choose a simple basket in a dark brown or black. Decorate the basket with a sheer ribbon that matches your wedding colors and fill the basket with grapes.

    Cork Shaped Escort Cards

    • Cork shaped escort cards will double as a decoration and serve a practical purpose in your wedding. These will tell guests where they should sit for either the ceremony or reception. Order these from favorideas.com or another online soure- write each guest's name on a slip of paper that sticks into the center of the cork.


    • If you are going to rope off a section of the wedding ceremony, such as the end of the aisles, use a grapevine instead of rope or ribbon. Use an artificial grapevine constructed from silk or incorporate real grape vines. If your ceremony will be outside and there is an arch or gazebo where the ceremony will take place, wrap the grapevine around it. Grapevines can also decorate the edges of tables during the reception.

    Wine Posters

    • If the reception will be held inside, consult the venue and ask if you may hang vintage Italian wine posters. Some vineyards may already have these hanging on site.

    Wine Cork Candles

    • Whether you choose to decorate a table top with new bottles of wine or use an empty bottle with a custom label, a wine cork candle will complete the centerpiece. These can be purchased inexpensively through online retailers. They are shaped like a cork and are inserted into the top of a wine bottle. These can be lit like any other candle.

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