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How to plan a garden wedding vow renewal ceremony

plan a garden wedding vow renewal ceremony

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The the past couple of decades it has become popular for couples to renew their wedding vows. It is a way of celebrating the successful marriages of couples who have remained true to their original vows of "for better or worse."Vow renewal ceremonies run the gamut from something simple and personal done at home amongst family to something big and splashy with friends invited as well. Some are religious in nature while others are strictly personal. Either way, planning such an event takes a lot of thought and a little bit of time.

Things You'll Need

  • Date, time, and place for the event
  • A theme and/or color scheme (if necessary)
  • Altar equipment or supplies (if required)
  • Food and drink
  • Heating/cooling equipment for food and drink
  • Tables and chairs
  • Candles or other lighting
  • Additional flowers and/or greenery (if required)
  • List of those to be invited to the event
  • Invitations
  • Event program (if needed)


  1. Plan a Garden Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony

    • 1

      Set a date and time for the vow renewal ceremony and determine the garden in which it will be held, making arrangements accordingly. Have a backup date chosen in case of bad weather, in the event no alternative area is available for holding the event on the original date.

    • 2

      Establish the “-type”- of vow renewal ceremony to be held. Vow renewal ceremonies can be religious or personal and may or may not include clergy. Determine if the event will be simple or splashy and if a specific theme and/or color will be used. All of these choices will have an impact on the remaining steps.

    • 3

      Decide the vow renewal's dress requirements for the ceremony and make arrangements accordingly. Be sure to inform guests.

    • 4

      Outline how much of the event will be held in the garden area (the vow renewal alone or in conjunction with the reception). This will impact how the garden area is staged. Also decide if there will be any specific theme decorations for the event.

    • 5

      Draw a diagram of how the garden space will be used. The outline should determine exactly where the ceremony will take place, where and how guest seating will be placed. Ideally, guest seating should be arranged in a way that it can be used for both the vow ceremony and the reception. Once the design is locked in, make arrangements to borrow or rent any items necessary to carry off the design and service of the event.

    • 6

      Make a list of the ceremony participants and guests. The number of individuals invited to the event will have an impact on decisions for those functions. Send out invitations to the appropriate people at least two weeks prior to the event.

    • 7

      Design the vow ceremony. If a clergy is to be included he or she should be included in the planning. If the ceremony is strictly personal, those renewing their vows can plan the ceremony as they please.

    • 8

      Establish the food for the reception and how it will be obtained, prepared, delivered, set up, served, and taken away after the event. Make arrangements to borrow or rent any equipment and supplies necessary to carry off the menu. Don’-t forget to take into consideration any needs for electrical power, refrigeration, or heat.

    • 9

      Plan how the “-altar”- area for the ceremony will be prepared. Choose an area of the garden that is already alive with color and/or greenery to prevent excess costs in bringing outside flowers and greenery. Also determine if an archway, gazebo, or some other type of canopy will be used to set the area apart from the remainder of the garden.

    • 10

      Make arrangements to borrow, rent, or purchase additional plants or flowers if they are needed to prepare the garden for the event. If so, decide what type and size of plants needed and how they will be used.

    • 11

      Arrange for the necessary lighting requirements for the event if it is to be held at night. If such items are not already readily available in the garden, make plans to borrow, rent, or purchase them for the event.

    • 12

      Decide how the couple and their party will enter the garden area for the ceremony. Plans should determine how and in what order participants will enter the area.

    • 13

      Inform servers how the food and drink should be served, who will be available to serve it, and when it should be made available to the guests. Make the appropriate arrangements to guarantee that the food and drink is served on time, properly maintained until used, and cleaned up when the event is over.

    • 14

      Provide an event program if guests are participating in the ceremony with a special scripture, saying, or poem. That information should be provided for them in printed form. A program might also be required if there is a specific time frame requirement for each faction of the event.

Tips &- Warnings

  • Whenever possible, just use the natural beauty of the garden, as is, for the event. This will help to keep costs down.

  • Since the focus is on the couple renewing their vows, everything should be planned to highlight them.

  • For vow renewal, dress requirements are usually less structured than for a wedding. Generally, participants are not required to purchase a specific type or style of clothing, although a color scheme may be established.

  • Keep decorations, extra flowers and greenery, and special lighting to a minimum to keep the cost of the event down.

  • Food can be as simple as cake, ice cream or punch. Most renewal ceremonies do not provide full-course meals.

  • Have a backup date, time, and place in the event that the ceremony needs to be changed for some reason

  • Don't put a lot of restrictions on guests with regard to dress requirements in terms of a specific style, theme, or color.

  • Don't forget to plan for guest parking.

  • Don't ask guests to bring everything to the event. Family and friends might be asked to provide food, but actual guests outside of them should not be required to do so.

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