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How to plan a wedding program

plan a wedding program

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"Kick things off with a topical wedding-themed icebreaker, as this will show everybody that you've been thinking about the speech right up to the last minute."

Wedding programs have become an expected element at today's wedding ceremonies. Adding a personal touch in addition to serving as a keepsake, the wedding program typically serves as an outline or agenda for the ceremony in addition to giving guests the names of the main players of the day... the couple, their parents and the wedding party. With coordinated information, planning a wedding program is simple and fun.


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      Decide what information you would like to include in your wedding program in addition to the basics. Do you want to memorialize those who could not be with you on your wedding day? Would you like to include a thank you to family and friends? Share a new address? Your program is what you make it.

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      Touch base with everyone involved in your wedding ceremony, including the officiant, readers and musicians, to get details of the procession, names of hymns and readings, etc. Check that you get correct spellings of the names of everyone who will be listed.

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      Plan how many pages will be needed to accommodate the information you want to include. If you are not the one creating your program design, work with the person who is to determine the best format for your program.

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      Use your wedding theme, including the look of wedding invitations or any other printed materials, to carry out the same look and feel on your program.

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      Have a proof created before your official program is printed in mass quantity. Proof the program yourself, have your officiant review it for accuracy and have a third set of eyes read over it as well.

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      Determine the quantity of programs you'd like to print. Some print one per couple, others prefer that every guest have one.

Tips &- Warnings

  • Try pre-designed program paper that allows you to print your programs from your home PC. It's convenient and affordable.


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