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What traditional dances are in a wedding

What traditional dances are in a wedding?

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Dancing will surely be a staple of your wedding reception, no matter how traditional or unconventional you are planning to be. From the first dance between the bride and groom to the happy couple hitting the floor with their parents, there are many traditional, special wedding dances to plan to kick off your wedding reception -- and to keep the party going.

  1. Bride and Groom's First Dance

    • Traditionally, the bride and groom kick off the reception with their first dance as a married couple.

      Typically, the first dance at a wedding reception is the bride and groom's first dance as a married couple. The timing of the dance can vary- sometimes the dance directly follows the introduction and entrance, while other times it may be later, after the speeches or meal. Many couples opt to take ballroom dancing lessons prior to the wedding to put on quite the show for their first dance, while others opt for the traditional slow dance to the song of their choice. Sometimes, the rest of the bridal party will join in the first dance half way into the song.

    Father and Bride Dance

    • The father-daughter is a special wedding dance.

      The father and daughter dance, also referred to as the father and bride dance, typically follows the first dance. This dance is traditionally between the bride and her father, but it can vary based on the bride -- sometimes it could be with a stepfather or with another father figure. If a bride has two father figures, dance partners can switch in mid-dance.

    Mother and Groom Dance

    • The mother-groom dance is a traditional wedding dance.

      Usually following the father and daughter dance, the groom will take to the dance floor with his mother. Like the father-daughter dance, the groom could also dance with a stepmother or another mother figure. Many times, the father and bride dance will coincide with the mother and groom dance. This can save time and get the dinner and party started sooner.

    Wedding Party Dance

    • The wedding party dance is a popular dance to kick off reception.

      The wedding party dance is, in many cases, part of the special dance series at a wedding. The entire wedding party is invited to dance together, in pairs. Typically, the best man and maid of honor will be paired up.

    Dollar Dance

    • During the dollar dance, everyone has a chance to dance with the bride.

      The Dollar Dance is a popular wedding reception dance in many regions of the country, or within certain cultural wedding traditions, such as the Polish culture. This dance usually takes place later in the reception, well after the special dances take place. The DJ will announce the Dollar Dance and guests will line up to dance with the bride. The maid of honor will collect dollars from each guest as they take to the floor with the bride. Each guest dances with the bride for a few seconds and then takes off, making way for the next guest. Often, this dance is done to an upbeat polka song.

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