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Uses of blake drains

Uses of blake drains

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Blake®- drains are medical devices manufactured by Ethicon, Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, located in Somerville, New Jersey. Made of white silicone, one drain has a solid center and four canals along the sides of the center core, while the second drain is without a hub, but does have four channels. Both drains feature extension tubes and an adapter, all made of silicone. The Blake drains have been tested extensively and proven efficient and highly functional with little or no reported patient discomfort.

  1. Blake Drain Types

    • The Blake drains come in two styles. One features a center core or hub with four channels or gutters all around it. A cross section of the drain appears like a stylized H with channels on the sides and the top and bottom. This drain comes in eight different sizes and styles ranging from 7 mm to 10 mm. The second drain, which does not have a hub, looks like an X with a gutter running between each extended arm. This drain come in nine distinct styles.

    Thoracic Surgery

    • Blake drains are used extensively in thoracic surgeries. A study published in the journal Interactive Cardio Vascular Surgery and Thoracic Surgery focused on 420 thoracic surgeries in which a Blake drain was applied. The results were examined by Japanese researchers who studied cases ranging from surgeries for lung cancer and lung tumors to emphysema, collapsed lung, post-operative bleeding and other conditions and circumstances. In all 420 cases, the Blake drain created no complications and resulted in no pain, discomfort or irritation to the patient. In advocating the Blake drains, the researchers noted that in using the drains "no extensive dissection of fissures is performed during lung resection and no significant air leak is noticed at the end of the procedure."

    Heart Surgery

    • In addition to lung surgery, Blake drains are commonly employed after open heart surgery. Occasionally, patients must leave the hospital with drains still in their chest to allow fluids around the lungs to be drawn off. The Blake drains work extremely well in this situation as long as the incision is covered with a dressing that is changed regularly and the tube is cleared of coagulated materials twice a day. The tube leads to a "bulb" that collects the drained fluids.

    Blake Advantages

    • Researchers reported that the Blake drains are every bit as efficient and effective as conventional drains. Additionally, the researchers noted that their slender design and flexibility improved patient comfort, lessening the patient's pain when being inserted and removed. Another benefit of the Blake drains is reduced infections and improved wound healing. "In short," wrote the Japanese researcher, "we believe that Blake drains provide enough benefits to be considered a standard drain."


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