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Philadelphia tourism information

Philadelphia tourism information

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As one of the oldest cities in America, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is rich in history and culture. A place where the Articles of Confederation, Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were drafted and signed, Philadelphia is important to the country. Tourist places in this city include places of historical importance, museums, family-friendly attractions and places that exude the culture of the city.

  1. History

    • Probably the number one tourist thing to do in Philadelphia is to check out the historical sites of this city. Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are two historical sites that are located right next to each other and can be taken in at once. Independence Hall offers tours where the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were drafted and adopted. Admission is free to both these places, but guided tours do have an admission fee.

    Walking Tours

    • Most of the tours offered in Philadelphia are historical in nature. Walking tours of historic Philadelphia are also offered and take guests to the Betsy Ross House, Independence Hall and other places of interest. The Spirits of '76 tour might be interesting because it takes visitors to places during nightfall. Tour guides take guests to 20 different locations in the old part of Philadelphia and tell ghost stories along the way.


    • The National Constitution Center is a museum dedicated to the Constitution. It's over 160,000 square feet and does require an admission fee. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is located in Fairmont Park and has two buildings: the main building and the Perelman building. The museum houses sculptures, paintings and other forms of media. The Franklin Institute focuses on science, with exhibits like the Joel N. Bloom Observatory and Sir Isaac's Loft. The institute also has The Franklin Air Show, which showcases aviation with a pilot training area, midway and aircraft hangar.


    • The Avenue of the Arts is a section of Philadelphia dedicated to the culture and artistry of the people living in the city. The Avenue was created in 1993 and sits on Broad Street, a block from Washington Avenue and Glenwood Avenue. Venues along the Avenue include the Freedom Theatre, Kimmel Center and the Clef Club. There are also places to eat, shop and be entertained along the Avenue. Rittenhouse Row, a place in uptown Philadelphia also offers travelers over 200 places to shop and dine.

    Family Friendly

    • Take the kids to the first chartered zoo in the United States. The Philadelphia Zoo is one of many firsts, including being the first zoo with white lions, the first children's zoo and the first zoo to house chimpanzee births. The Please Touch museum offers families a place where kids can do interactive activities, while learning. Exhibits include an Alice In Wonderland area and sailing a boat on a small-scale version of the Delaware River.


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