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Favor ideas for tuscan wedding

Favor ideas for tuscan wedding

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"I remember the last wedding I went to. It was in the function room of the Tate Gallery. The groom got plastered and ended up with red wine, gravy ..."

Tuscan weddings often boast the themes of vineyards or traditional Italian romance. Wedding favors can be anything from a small gift, such as candy, to something that the guests can take home and re-use over and over again. In keeping with the Tuscan theme of your wedding, give them a gift that signifies a little romance mixed with old-world Italian charm.

  1. Olive Oil

    • Give your guests the gift of olive oil. You can get these favors packaged as small singular bottles with messages such as "Olive You" to tie them into a wedding atmosphere.

    Wine Corks

    • Wine corks are essential to the wine enthusiast. Nothing says Tuscan like a wine-related thank you to your guests. Personalize the corks with your names and wedding date so that your guests will remember the fantastic time they had at your wedding.

    Cheese Sets

    • Cheese spreaders, knives and trivets will be a useful thank you gift for your guests. You can customize the design of your trivet to your wedding decor and even have the spreader engraved.

    Grape Tins

    • Place chocolates or mints into a tin and print labels that have images of grapes on them. Tins also will work well for placing seeds in with a nice message on top directing the guest to plant the seeds in honor of your wedding day.


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