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Bridal hairstyles with headbands

Bridal hairstyles with headbands

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"Henry told me he's had a little upgrade in time for his wedding night. ... Gillian Simon's wedding has been better attended than this year's Liberal ..."

Head pieces can be an important element of a bride's overall look. A headband can serve a practical function, such as preventing hair from falling into the bride's face and contributing a formal, casual or modern touch. There are different types of hairstyles to accompany a headband worn with a wedding dress.

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  1. Veil With Headband

    • There are veils available that have a headband attached. The veil could either be a net style that surrounds your face or a long veil with different layers. This type of headband can be worn with either the hair down or in an updo. For example, you could wear your hair down in loose curls or pulled up halfway at the temples with the remaining hair curled with a longer veil. The headband could be inserted near the top of the head while the veil covers the loose curls that are still seen through the transparent veil. As for the shorter veil, the hair can be pulled back in a sophisticated bun. The bun can be pulled back to the side or the center, and the headband can be inserted at the top with the veil to complete the look.

    Flower Headband

    • A headband accompanied with a flower creates a classic or exotic look. The hair can be parted to either side and loosely curled. Slide the headband near the top of the head to pull back hair from the face. The headband can create the impression that the flower is in the hair rather than attached to the headband. This way, the flower will not fall out. The headband also prevents hair from blowing into the face if it is an outdoor wedding.


    • A tiara adorned with rhinestones can create a rich look. Hair can be worn down or in an updo. Curling the hair after it is secured in a ponytail and pinning it up with bobby pins can create an updo. Sliding the tiara onto the top of the head will complete the look. Loosely curling long hair and inserting the tiara onto the top of the head can work as well. The sparkling headband can add focus to the hairstyle.


    • Headbands, tiaras and veils with headpieces can cost a significant amount more than the alternative without them. It is important to take cost into consideration. Many tiaras and headbands are made with expensive crystals. If cost is an issue, rhinestones are a less expensive solution, although these can carry a price tag of more than $100.


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