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Unusual wedding dress styles

Unusual wedding dress styles

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Choosing a wedding gown can be an opportunity to express your personality and your individual style. Thoughts of traditional wedding gowns usually bring to mind long and flowing silky white gowns that are a blend of romance and tradition. But not everyone wants to wear a seen-it-before- type of gown. Some brides prefer to make a fashion statement that sets them apart from the crowd, showcasing their unique taste and representing their unconventional thinking.

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  1. Medieval

    • A medieval wedding dress often features a lace-up feature on the front or back.

      Medieval style wedding dresses feature boned bodices, unusually shaped necklines and bodices accented with points and scoops, a lace-up feature on the front, back or both, hand painted leaves and beaded leaves or flowers. Medieval wedding dresses can be made of a variety of fabrics, including silk dupion, duchess satin or crepe. To get the look of a full skirt, the dress fabric can be layered over a net petticoat and organza.


    • Pink chiffon can be used to create a classic 1940's-style wedding dress.

      Vintage wedding gowns call to mind the popular styles of days -- and decades -- gone by. Victorian gowns boast lots of lace, frills and tiers. A wedding dress that borrows design elements from the 1920's and 1930's might include ecru velvet and black silk combined together in a slim, no frills, flapper-style look. If the styles of the 1940's appeal to you, choose a wedding gown that drapes delicate pink chiffon over taffeta for a full, gathered skirt effect that not only makes a statement, but also makes your waist look slim.


    • Today's camouflage fabric comes in many colors other than the traditonal green and brown.

      Camouflage wedding dresses don't have a long history as a wedding look. Today, however, these dramatic dresses have become increasingly popular among hunters, brides who have served in the military, or whose fiances have a military background, and those choosing a wedding theme that incorporates an earthy or green and brown color scheme. Camouflage fabric is available in a wide range of colors and textures, including camouflage patterns in vibrant colors and soft fabrics, such as brushed velvet.

    American Indian

    • American Indian-style wedding dresses are a popular choice for brides who want to honor their Indian heritage or those who have chosen a natural outdoor venue for their wedding. A tea-length gown featuring warm earth tones, is well suited to a ceremony held in a mountain, park, meadow or woodland setting. American Indian wedding dresses can be fashioned from animal pelts, blankets or traditional white wedding robes and accented with moccasins, beads or shell necklaces.


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