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Redneck 16th birthday party ideas

Redneck 16th birthday party ideas

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One of life's turning points is the age 16 birthday when a teen gains the freedom and independence of the driving privilege. A birthday party to mark this milestone does not have to be traditional or "sweet." It can be anything the teen wants, including fun, irreverent, memorable and slightly outrageous. For the teen who wants to celebrate in a less-than-sweet style, consider a Big Ol' Redneck Birthday Party.

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  1. Decorations

    • Redneck theme dé-cor can include many assaults on good taste. Consider decorating both interior and exterior with mismatched hubcaps and other car parts, all tastefully cleaned. For maximum effect, set a spare refrigerator in the front yard. For an interior lighting fixture, make a chandelier out of beer bottles. A deer head mounted over the fireplace makes a nice decorative touch. If hairy hunting trophies are not available, a portrait of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson or all three over the fireplace will suffice. For a coffee table, use a cable spool.


    • Contests keep redneck guests busy and entertained. One competitive event is making creative and offensive armpit sounds. Another contest is burping in tune to popular songs. Old fashioned games such as a wheelbarrow race, sack race and egg toss are good country games. To keep raw egg from penetrating household surfaces, use hard-boiled eggs. Another game of skill involves shooting soda pop cans with a squirt gun. For the best redneck effect, place the cans on a fence and sit on a car hood to shoot.


    • The teen and guests can dress according to the theme. Boys and girls may want to wear cutoff jeans or shorts with pockets turned inside out. Whether male or female, a redneck hallmark is a too-short shirt and lowrider pants, making the belly visible to all. Girls can also wear miniskirts and fit the theme. Boys should wear the widest possible watchband and belt buckle. Do not overlook colors that include camouflage and hunter orange. The cowboy hat with the turned up brim is always a good finishing touch.

      Girls can wear big hair. Pigtails are also attractive. For that "straight-out-to-the-sides" look, insert a bent wire or portion of a metal coat hanger inside the braid. If the girl's roots are naturally of a uniform color, she can darken them with mascara for that "need-a-dye-job" look. Top off the style with earrings made of beer bottle caps.

      Boys can sport a mullet. If they have any beard growth to boast, they can shave or trim it oddly for a hillbilly look. A sleeveless tank top T-shirt in white goes well with an arm bandanna. For young men who do not care to reveal the belly, denim overalls work well with a flannel work shirt and a John Deere cap. The tractor manufacturer head gear is optional. Anything related to professional wrestling or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) will suffice.


    • Appetizers are easy. Serve cheese balls and deep fried pork rinds with hot pepper sauce. Main dishes can be as elaborate or simple as the party celebrant desires. Fried chicken and chicken fried steak are both customary, served with overcooked canned green beans. Another option is pork and beans. To add more protein, salt and fat, include a portion of Spam. Side dishes can include Vienna sausages wrapped in biscuit dough and baked. Fruit-flavored gelatin with or without shredded carrots makes a side salad. If the party is a sleepover, serve biscuits and gravy for breakfast.


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