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Venetian wedding themes

Venetian wedding themes

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With a history encompassing magisterial doges, the fanfare of Carnival and a tradition of seafaring and commerce, Venice is a natural choice for those who wish to create an unforgettable wedding theme. Whether you plan to have your wedding in Venice or you want to add a bit of Venetian flair to your celebration, including Venetian-inspired elements can turn your special day into an otherworldly and magical experience.

  1. Setting

    • Venetian architecture can become the inspiration for the details of your wedding, if not the actual setting of your big event. The "palazzos" of Venice, or the palaces where the nobility resided or vacationed in the 11th through 18th centuries, harken back to an era of opulence, with sumptuous details like Baroque staircases and ceiling frescoes by artists such as Tiepolo. Your wedding cake might reflect these details, such as any traceries on the building facades or loggias that formed open-sided galleries to the structures. You can also use these architectural references to decorate the location of the ceremony or reception. For a simple detail, use planter boxes filled with flowers.


    • The food offered at a Venetian-themed wedding reception can also evoke Venice by using ingredients and preparations native to the region. While traditional Italian food may be served, you can also consider food typical of the Veneto region, which is more culturally influenced by cuisines outside of Italy. Rice dishes are important in Venice, as well as duck and many types of seafood. Canapes and main dishes featuring creamed cod, roasted eel or cuttlefish in their own ink are adventurous offerings to add to a wedding menu. Bellinis are a signature Venetian cocktail made of peach puree and Prosecco.

      Other menu options include artichokes and polenta bites as appetizers- main courses might feature shrimp scampi, asparagus, risotto, scallops, mussels, gnocchi, eggplant, or pumpkin ravioli, according to the Tasty Little Morsels website.


    • With Venice as your wedding motif, you can branch out in all sorts of ways, echoing Venice through the use of bridges, canals, Venetian glass and striped poles or gondola props and sculptures to capture the mood of the water-borne city. Something as small as a gondola charm to accent your invitations can bring a touch of Venice to the festivities. At the reception, employ an ice sculpture or wedding-cake topper in the shape of a gondola, or dress up the venue with colorful hand-blown Venetian glass.

    Venetian Customs

    • The long-standing tradition of Carnival in Venice with its masquerades can turn your wedding into a specifically Venetian one, where masks may decorate your venue or be worn by the guests. These may include papier-mache masks, plumed imagination masks, half-faced masks and masks from Italian comedy. Should you choose period attire for the wedding party, Venetian costume specialists can provide custom-fitted Renaissance theatrical garb and accessories like three-cornered hats and black mantels reminiscent of the heyday of masquerades in Venice during the 1700s.


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