Monday, April 22, 2013

Week before the wedding checklist

Week before the wedding checklist

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"Wasn't the wedding ceremony beautiful? The highlight, of course, was Linda floating magically down the aisle. I'm sure we were all thinking exactly the same ..."

The week before you finally get hitched will be a whirlwind of activity. Throughout this final week leading up to the big day, make sure you have a checklist so little things like "something blue" are not forgotten. It will keep you on task and organized while everyone else is racing around like mad.

  1. Bride's Survival Bag

    • On your wedding day, you won't want to be without deodorant or clear nail polish for a stocking snag. The week before your big day, put together a bag of essential, must-have items such as aspirin- your favorite lipstick- a lint roller- important honeymoon documents, like a passport- safety pins- and tissues. You will be glad you put together this little lifesaver, as you never know what may strike moments before you walk down the aisle. With this bag, you will be prepared for anything.

    Payment Envelopes

    • During your wedding and reception, you definitely do not want to be doling out checks and tips to your officiant, wedding planner and band. Instead, put any payments, along with tips, into a sealed envelope for each vendor. Label the outside of each envelope, and task a family member with making sure each payment gets to the correct person. This will save the bride and groom from the stress of doing last-minute math.

    Decorations and Flowers

    • Make a plan with your wedding party and family for flower and decoration drop-offs at both the wedding and reception site. Have everything prepared in labeled boxes or bags for either "ceremony" or "reception." Items to include would be unity candles, pew bows, the cake topper, toasting flutes, special wedding cake knife and cake server, and your honeymoon luggage. Also confirm with your florist and bakery when and where they will be delivering your precious cargo.


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