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Peacock wedding colors

Peacock wedding colors

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The color scheme you choose for your wedding will determine the look and atmosphere of the entire event. You want to make an impression on your guests while creating an experience that you will remember forever. Your wedding should reflect your personality, and a peacock color scheme offers so many different options that it is easy to create a look that will speak to your heart and wow your guests.

  1. Plum Purple

    • When you look at the center eye of a peacock feather, you see a hypnotizing deep shade of purple. Just as purple is the center of the feather, it can be the central color at your peacock-themed wedding. Dress your bridesmaids in plum-colored gowns. Choose flowers such as purple calla lilies and purple hydrangea for your centerpieces. These flowers will also make a striking addition to a purple bride's bouquet. Accent both your centerpieces and bouquet with real peacock feathers to highlight your theme. Choose plum tablecloths, or a shimmering tablecloth with hints of both purple and teal.


    • Choosing bronze as your neutral accent color adds a metallic elegance that will complement your peacock theme. Print your invitations on white card stock with teal or purple print. Paste this card and your engagement photo onto the inside of a folding bronze envelope. Tie the envelope closed with a brown ribbon and slide a peacock feather into the bow to give your guests a hint of your peacock wedding theme. At the reception, choose bronze vases for the centerpieces. If you are having a formal sit-down dinner, look for bronze dishes as well.


    • You will notice that the outer edges of a peacock feather contain sage and olive greens (along with a hint of lime). Choose either sage or olive as an accent color. You can use this accent for the ribbons on your chairs or around the stems of your bridal bouquet. Bridesmaids can carry bouquets accented with green hydrangea or other green flowers. The groomsmen will look their best if their tuxedos are accented with green vests and ties. Include a peacock feather in their boutonnieres to finish the look. You can even dress your flower girls or junior bridesmaids in sage or olive green.

    Teal or Aqua

    • If you want to brighten up your wedding colors, choose teal or aqua as an accent. You can use aqua ribbons, or accent your bouquets and centerpieces with teal or blue flowers. Hints of teal or aqua frosting on a white cake will also accent your peacock theme. Teal (or aqua) crystals scattered around a centerpiece will add a touch of elegance to your reception decor.

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