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Black men birthday party ideas

Black men birthday party ideas

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"Tom looks great on his wedding day doesn't he? I won't say it's funny to see ... Congratulations to Tom and Susan on their wedding. And since it's election week ..."

If you are planning a birthday party for a black man who enjoys immersing himself in his culture, plan activities that celebrate that culture. Serve his favorite foods and drinks, decorate with his favorite colors and hang up some pictures of famous black icons like Martin Luther King, Sammy Davis Jr., Jimi Hendrix, Lena Horne or Billie Holiday. If the birthday guy is a sports fan, get him the jersey of his favorite black player.

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  1. Black History Trivia

    • Challenge your guests to test their black history knowledge with black history trivia questions. Research significant events and figures from black history and write down questions about civil rights issues, black leaders, poets, sports figures and musicians. Divide guests into teams and divide the questions into categories. Challenge each team to answer a question in each category. The team with the most correct answers, wins.

    Comedy Night

    • There are myriad black entertainers who choose to focus on topics specific to black life and culture. Entertain your guests with stand-up comedy videos from Chris Rock, Richard Pryor, Cedric the Entertainer, Wanda Sykes, Eddie Murphy, Dick Gregory, Tracy Morgan and Dave Chappelle. Put the stand up on in the background, or make it an after-dinner activity. Serve some tasty snacks and drinks and let the good times roll.

    Movie Night

    • Watch movies about black culture and give guests a chance to sit back and relax together while sharing the experience. Depending on the taste of the guest of honor and the general feel of the party, you could choose a fun-loving film featuring a famous black actor, like "Friday" or "House Party", or you could choose something more serious to enjoy, such as a movie by Spike Lee. If you're looking for something women-friendly, watch "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" or "Jungle Fever."


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