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Wedding albums for parents

Wedding albums for parents

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Now that the wedding is over, it is time to present your parents and in-laws with a keepsake. A wedding album that features personalized writing, memorable pictures and a note of appreciation is an ideal gift. It is also an opportunity to start your marriage and your relationship with your in-laws on a positive level.

  1. Album Types

    • You have multiple options when choosing the type of album you will give. Choose from a traditional photo album, a scrapbook album or a photo book that a store makes for you. Albums can be lined with cloth, leather or silk, or they can be bound with a spine, like a typical published book. Another alternative is to glue or upholster a layer of fabric over the cover of the album.


    • Make a personalized beginning page for each set of parents. Include a special thank you note for your in-laws and all they contributed. Thank them for traveling to see you on your special day. Include a picture of the bride, groom and parents on the first page. For your divorced father, start his book with a picture of the bride and father's first dance or a picture of him walking her down the aisle. Make the recipients feel like the book was made with them in mind, rather than giving each group a generic copy provided by the photographer.

    Sentiments to Include

    • Add notes around specific pictures to highlight your wedding memories. If your mother helped make your bridal bouquet, write a note that says how pleased you were with how it turned out. Frame a picture of your parents dancing with their wedding song lyrics if you played this song at the reception. Include a copy of your vows or a meaningful poem beside pictures at the ceremony. Write about how you were feeling beside the pictures of you getting ready for the big day. Your parents will appreciate the sentimental notes and the personalization of the album.


    • The most important element in the album is the pictures. Group pictures into categories, such as preparation pictures, pictures of the venue and decorations, posed photographs, special wedding dances, events like the bouquet toss and cake-cutting, and pictures of you and your spouse beside the parents. Lay out your pictures and decide how many pictures you want on a page. You do not want to overcrowd the page, but you do want to provide several pictures for your families to enjoy. Make the album tell a story, starting with your engagement, and ending with your departure from the reception venue.


    • Add embellishments for visual interest. Use photo mats and corners to frame pictures. Use wedding-coordinating stickers, such as pictures of a wedding cake or word titles like "groom" or "father of the bride." If you are printing a photo book, add digital borders and clip art. Add titles to the top of the page by printing them out or using chipboard letters or large letter stickers.

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