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White bathroom decor

White bathroom decor

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A white bathroom looks clean, bright and, regardless of the trends, is timeless. However, there are many variations of the all-white bathroom. With a little planning, there is decor to suit every style. By selecting the right fixtures and finishes, you can tailor the ambiance of an all-white bathroom to suit your personal taste.

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  1. Mid-Century Mod White

    • An all-white bathroom suits the curvy and clean lines of mid-century mod styling. Search for simple bathroom fittings to create this look. A white ceramic vessel sink with a simple, curved faucet is ideal. Pair it with a vanity that has plain cabinet fronts and hang a round mirror. Add classically mid-century accessories, like vintage glass or ceramic holders for toothbrushes and cotton balls, and hang a Nelson-inspired bubble lamp to complete the look.

    Spa White

    • To create a spa-inspired white bathroom, opt for luxurious fixtures and translucent finishes. Simple white cabinetry and simple bathroom fittings are key to this look. Add a countertop in a translucent material, like recycled glass, and a backsplash made of a natural material, like white marble. Luxurious details, like a deep soaker tub, enhance the spa feel. Complete the look with crisp, fluffy white towels.

    Country-Inspired White

    • Select shaker-style white cabinetry, or a pedestal sink and a claw-foot bathtub. Pick ornate bathroom fixtures reminiscent of antique fixtures, and look for taps with white ceramic tips. Add natural materials where possible, such as a stone backsplash and painted wood floors. Find an old schoolhouse light fixture to complete the country look.

    Eclectic White

    • An all-white room suits eclectic style because the color helps unify the disparate elements. This style suits a limited budget because you can pair existing features, like a perfectly functioning antique bathtub and tile, with modern elements like new cabinetry and a glass sink. To create the look from scratch, avoid buying fixtures designed as sets and pick and choose from different lines. Pair vintage accessories from any decade, and look for different textures and finishes.


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