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Wedding announcement protocol

Wedding announcement protocol

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"But fortunately Giles recovered from his stag do and made it to the wedding today … + Add to clipboard. 11-Feb-201It's been a great week for the groom."

Wedding announcements allow a newly married couple to let distant family, friends and colleagues who did not attend their wedding know about their marriage. These announcements prove particularly useful for brides who are changing their name, according to The Knot. Wedding announcements provide basic information, but couples should make a number of considerations before sending them.

  1. Style

    • The style of your wedding invitation dictates the style of your wedding announcement. That is, your announcement should be as formal as your invitation, according to The Knot. The wedding announcement can be as simple as a basic card with text printed on it. The Knot suggests matching the font, paper and style of your wedding announcement to your wedding invitation.

    Who Sends

    • Wedding announcements can come from the bride's parents or the couple. The wording of the announcement will reflect who sent the announcement. For example, the first line of an announcement sent from the bride's parents would read, "Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Robinson announce the marriage of their daughter, Kristin..." If the couple chooses to send the announcements, the first line would read, "Kristin Marie Robinson and Michael Scott Young announce their marriage."

    What to Say

    • A wedding announcement provides basic information about the wedding. After including the formal announcement by either the bride's parents or the bride and groom, list the wedding date and location. So, the announcement can say, "Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Robinson announce the marriage of their daughter, Kristin, to Michael Scott Young. Saturday, the third of July, two-thousand-and-eleven, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Chicago, Illinois." Note that formal announcements should spell out numbers.

    When to Send

    • Send wedding announcements the day after the wedding. Though the announcements should go out as close to the wedding day as possible, The Emily Post Institute reports that couples can send them up to "several months" after the wedding. The Knot recommends having a family member or bridal party member drop the announcements in the mail the day after the wedding.

    Who Should Receive Them

    • Send wedding announcements to acquaintances who you did not invite to the wedding. This group often includes colleagues, distant relatives and old friends. If the couple's parents choose to send the announcements, they might want to share the happy news with their friends and colleagues who did not attend the wedding as well, according to The Knot.

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