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Etiquette for wedding place cards

Etiquette for wedding place cards

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At a wedding reception, place cards are positioned on each table, assigning wedding guests to specific seats. When preparing place cards, it is important to follow proper etiquette to ensure the cards maintain the integrity of your wedding reception.

  1. Style

    • Table Setting at a Wedding Reception

      Place card etiquette does not insist the style of place cards be formal. Instead, the cards should complement and reflect the overall style of the wedding reception. Consider cards that use shapes or colors from the theme of your wedding reception.


    • The most common way to write names on place cards is in the formal style. For example, you would write "Mr. Smith" or "Dr. Meyers." If there are two Mr. Smiths at the table, include the first name. For an informal wedding, you may simply use first and last names on the place cards.


    • If an invited guest is bringing a date to the reception, be sure to know the date's name before the reception. Proper place card etiquette maintains that you should never write "Guest" on a place card.


    • All place cards used for the wedding reception should be consistent in shape, size, formality, color and style. Use the same standards for all place cards so they will be easily recognized on each table.


    • Proper wedding etiquette maintains that using the place cards to assign seats should be done in a pattern that is most comfortable for the guests. Aim to place guests from the same family or group at the same table. Couples that attend the wedding together should be seated next to each other.


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