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Rainbow decoration ideas for a summer outdoor wedding in a yard

Rainbow decoration ideas for a summer outdoor wedding in a yard

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A bride and groom planning an outdoor rainbow wedding can make use of every aspect of the wedding to incorporate their theme. Use clothing, floral arrangements, balloons and even the food to create a brightly decorated rainbow venue for the ceremony and reception. Make the theme known to guests ahead of time and encourage them to join in with their attire for beautiful photo opportunities.

  1. The Wedding Party

    • During the wedding ceremony, all eyes will be on the wedding party, which provides the bride and groom with the opportunity to express their theme through the party's attire. Bridal attendants can each wear different colored dresses and the groomsmen can wear rainbow-colored cummerbunds and boutonnieres. A daring bride can opt for a multi-colored wedding dress, while those who favor the traditional white gown can accent the dress with a pair of rainbow pumps and a crystal rainbow necklace and hair accessory. For the bridal party's bouquets, have each attendant carry a colorful arrangement of flowers tied with a rainbow ribbon.

    Yard Decorations

    • Create a rainbow-colored balloon arch over one or two special tables at the reception. Make a platform dance floor from plywood and paint the floor in rainbow stripes. Alternatively, rent a multi-colored LED illuminated dance floor if there is somewhere the floor can be plugged in for power. Line the entryway to the yard with a lattice divider on either side, and paint the latticework in a variety of colors. Insert colorful real or silk flowers throughout the latticework. For an evening wedding, line the outside of the dividers with one or two strings of colorful mini lights.

    Table Decorations

    • Cover each table with a colorful rainbow tablecloth, or use a solid color tablecloth and use different colored place mats at each setting. Fill rainbow-colored vases with arrangements of colorful flowers. If the reception is held in the evening, line each table with rows of multi-color LED candles in clear candle holders. Set multi-colored dining services at each place setting. For instance, place a blue dinner plate at the place setting along with an orange cup and yellow napkin underneath the utensils.

    Food Decorations

    • Incorporate the food served at the wedding into the rainbow theme. Begin with the wedding cake- have a multi-tiered cake made and have each tier a different color of the rainbow. Have the cake decorated with an array of colorful edible flowers. Fill a multi-colored serving tray with different colored fruits, such as strawberries, grapes, orange slices, blueberries and kiwi. Fill another tray with multi-colored vegetables, such as cauliflower, carrots, broccoli and red peppers. Fill another tray with cookies cut in the shape of rainbows and decorated with royal icing in rainbow colors.

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