Saturday, March 8, 2014

Good Places To Have A 2yearold'S Birthday Party

Choose a great location for a fun-filled second birthday.

So, your toddler's second birthday is coming up and you want to celebrate in style... but how? Like most two-year-olds, your toddler is probably both dependent and freedom seeking. He is happy to play alongside other children, but enjoys his parents' comfort as well. Some venues recognize these facts of behavioral development and cater to family-centered birthday parties, in which each guest is accompanied by an adult. The adult supervision, combined with fun-filled activities, allows for a hassle-free time with a bunch of not-so-terrible twos.

Toy Building Workshop

Toy-making workshops, such as Build-a-Bear, allow each guest to make her own stuffed toy or doll. The toddlers can then personalize their toys with outfits and accessories. The workshops provide party leaders and planners who handle the logistics and help keep guests entertained. The packages include party favors, meals and a birthday cake slice for each guest. The birthday child receives a commemorative keepsake and photo album in addition to his customized toy.


Chuck E. Cheese, Fun Time America, and Gymboree are nationwide franchises that promote physical activities and offer a range of games. Children are free to run, climb and jump in the gymnasiums. There are age-appropriate rides, video games and high-technology simulators for the little ones. Some locations include game arcades where youngsters collect tickets, then redeem the points for toys. Gymboree provides themed parties that have dress-up options, as well. Party packages include food, supplies and a birthday cake. Guests receive complimentary gift bags as they exit the venue.

Local Museum

Some arts and science museums offer special birthday party deals for small groups of children. For example, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Kaleidoscope Children's Museum features rock-wall climbing, painted crafts and cupcake making for party guests. In San Jose, California, the Children's Discovery Museum offers party packages that include admission, art or science activities, goody bags and a party space. If a children's or family-oriented museum is near you, similar party options may be available.


Zoo birthday parties incorporate traditional birthday party activities into a diverse zoo atmosphere where children can view a variety of animals. Zoo keepers often come directly to the party site with animals for guests to meet and greet. Scavenger hunts allow participants to explore the grounds and learn exciting facts about animals. Packages may include all-day tickets for the birthday child and guests, tokens for children's rides, lunch and a special gift for the birthday child.

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