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The eggplant cancer cure

The eggplant cancer cure

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The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 1 million people will develop one form of skin cancer each year. Skin cancer is also one of the most common and treatable cancers- however, people die each year due to lack of intervention and education. Basal, squamous and melanoma are three types of skin cancer. Traditional treatment for skin cancer is surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, which has a high success rate for most Americans. However, Dr. Bill Cham claims to have a more gentle and non-invasive treatment for skin cancer with his eggplant cancer cure Curaderm BEC5 cream.

  1. Eggplant Cancer Cure Basics

    • Cham created a cream as an alternative to skin cancer surgery. He explains that although surgery has a 95 percent cure rate, most patients are left disfigured and scared from the aggressive cutting. He says that his cream, Curaderm BEC5, has the same impact as surgery but without the severe effects.

      The cream is created from a substance found in nightshade plants like eggplants called solsaodine glycosides. Cham reports that the cream has a 95 percent cure rate on removing basal and squamous skin cancer without the disfiguring effects. He says that the cream does not have the same effect on melanoma.

      Industry professionals are touting Curaderm as a possible cure for some of the most common skin cancers. Dr. David G. Williams, editor of "Alternatives," says, "People like Dr. Cham are an endangered species in this day and age. On his own time, using his own money, he has developed a product that could benefit millions of people around the world."

      Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, medical director of the Tacoma Clinic in Seattle, says that Curaderm is a "near perfect" cure.

    How It Works

    • When you have surgery, the doctor removes the cancer and takes healthy skin cells around the cancer to be sure he removes it all. You can end up with a nasty scar and possibly missing pockets of skin, depending upon the type of surgery and surgeon's skill. Surgery on your face and other visible areas can leave a devastating impact on your overall appearance and self-esteem.

      Curaderm cream kills only the cancer cells and leaves the healthy cells behind so that you have minimal damage. Not only does it dissolve only the cancer-ridden cells, it does so through apoptosis, where the cancer's own digestive enzymes consume the cell, causing a slower dissolution process. This prompts natural healing, which rebuilds normal tissue.

    Research on the Eggplant Cancer Cure

    • This product has been tested and researched for 25 years. The BEC cream was examined in test tube studies that found BEC was effective at selectively killing cancer cells without damaging normal cells.

      Cham also tested the cream in a series of human clinical trials in Australia and the United Kingdom. The initial clinical trials tested the cream's safety and found it to be extremely safe with no adverse side effects. The next trial phase determined that Curaderm BEC5 was successful at curing non-melanoma skin cancers in 78 percent of patients. Cham's team had patients apply the cream twice daily, keeping it under a covered dressing, for eight weeks.

      Researchers extended the treatment time from eight weeks to 12 weeks and found that 100 percent of patients were cured. Patients were tracked for five years after treatment and no subjects had a reoccurrence.

      A 10-year study was also conducted to determine any long-term negative side effects on 50,000 Curaderm BEC5 users. Only two people experienced a side effect, which was reddening of the skin on the application site. Once medication was discontinued, the redness went away.


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