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Wedding advice for a maid of honor speech

Wedding advice for a maid of honor speech

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"Now, I think you'll agree, after seeing the amount of free booze available at this wedding, that it's a good job it's a Bank Holiday this weekend. And if you do ..."

When someone close to you is getting married, it should bring you great joy to see how happy she is. If you have been asked to serve as the maid of honor, you should take the position with grace and be serious about your duties to the bride. It goes far beyond just organizing the bachelorette party. Accepting the position of maid of honor means you are standing up for the bride to support her in her marriage, and your speech should reflect that.

  1. Preparation

    • Preparing for your speech as maid of honor should not be taken lightly. You should think about what you'd like to convey, and write it out before hand. Practice your speech in the mirror and read it aloud several times to make sure it feels good and flows right. If there is someone you can practice in front of, her feedback may help you improve your speech. Above all, speak clearly, loudly and do not rush through the speech to avoid mumbling. Everyone wants to hear what you have to say, especially the bride.


    • The speech given by the maid of honor should include a personal statement to the bride, sharing how much she means to you. It is more than okay to mention that she is your little sister, best friend since you were five or favorite cousin. Whatever the relationship between you is, acknowledge it with a humorous, but meaningful memory or story.

      Once you speak to and about the bride, acknowledge her husband and share another story about the two of them, or let him know just how much his bride loves him.

      Finish your toast with words of wisdom, advice or a statement they can take with them and reflect upon throughout their marriage.


    • Due to the emotional connection you likely have with the bride, and the amount of time you have probably spent with her in person or on the phone helping her to plan the wedding, it may be significant to her later on to receive a copy of your speech or toast. Creating a scrapbook for her of your friendship (even if she's your sister), the wedding and meaningful experiences you've shared would be a great way to give her a copy of your speech that she can look back on for years to come. If the bride is a sentimental person, she will be pleased to have this treasure, and count herself lucky to have you in her life.


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