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How to find the most popular wedding songs

find the most popular wedding songs

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Your wedding should be one of the most important and magical days of your life. Having the right music is a key element when trying to set the mood for each part of your ceremony. A heartfelt ballad for the processional can move many guests to tears, while more of a humorous selection for the recessional will help guests relax. Select your wedding music with the same care and attention you give to choosing your gown, your decorations and your food.


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      Determine the style and setting of your wedding. For many churches, weddings are a type of worship service, and therefore they do not permit secular music during the wedding. Large, formal weddings may necessitate classical music performed by a string quartet. A more casual wedding may be better suited to pop music played by a disc jockey.

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      Decide whether you want a vocalist for the ceremony. Many couples have a soloist or a duet perform at least one song during the ceremony. Consider whether you will need to hire musicians for the vocalist or if recorded music is permitted in your setting. (Many churches do not allow recorded music.)

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      Select the right songs. Discuss with your partner which music best reflects your feelings about the event. Review sound clips and song lyrics online to make sure they are appropriate for your setting. You can also browse bookstores for sheet music selections if hiring musicians.

Tips &- Warnings

  • Be respectful of any restrictions churches or other religious venues may have on music selections. Find out before booking the date what their rules are, and remember you can always play "-your"- music at the reception off-site.


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