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Diy wedding center piece

Diy: wedding center piece

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"Normally, an outdoor spring wedding is a risk. Will there be snow? Will it be cold? Will it be hot? Will it rain? Thankfully, today the risk paid off with no precipitation, perfect weather, and a beautiful backdrop to see the union of Paul and Linda."

Wedding centerpieces can make a major dent in the budget if you hire someone to do them. Consider making them yourself and saving money to put towards the other wedding costs. Dollar stores and other discount stores are a great resource for inexpensive supplies that you can turn into something magical for your wedding day. It is important to leave yourself with plenty of time to complete the centerpieces so choosing something that can be assembled well in advance will save you some stress as the wedding approaches.

  1. Using Fruits and Vegetables

    • With the addition of some brightly colored fruits and vegetables, you can turn a plain centerpiece into something fantastic. The produce can be used in its whole form, filling large clear glassware and vases or can be attached to candles or mixed in with flowers to stretch the more expensive materials. With a yellow or orange themed wedding, lemons and/or oranges can make a bold statement. For a green wedding, try filling large vases overflowing with limes or Granny Smith apples. If citrus isn't your ticket, you can use asparagus to make a border around large pillar candles or avocados for a darker colored centerpiece. Don't buy fruits and veggies too early so that they are at their prime on the wedding day.

    Fish Bowls

    • Fish bowls are inexpensive and are extremely versatile. They can be filled with fish, floating flowers or floating candles. They don't even have to be filled with water at all- you can use sand and pillar candles or marbles and fresh-cut flower stems. You could even try having a few different centerpieces, but all using the same sized fish bowls. Be sure to select a big enough bowl for the table so it doesn't get lost on the table. To make the centerpiece appear larger than it really is, outline the perimeter of the bowl with several tea light candles.

    Candles and more

    • Candles are not only eye-appealing and inexpensive centerpieces, they also add to the ambiance of the reception hall--especially for events at night. A collection of multiple sizes of candles can make for a great centerpiece if placed on top of a round or square cut mirror to make the candles really stand out. To really bring the centerpieces to life, consider wrapping pillar candles with ribbon or flowers to make them a little more elegant. Beware of how far down the candles will burn so that the embellishments don't pose a fire hazard. In most reception halls, staying away from fragrant candles is a good idea.

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