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How to word bridal shower thank you cards

word bridal shower thank you cards

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"It was a stipulation for the wedding that the groomsmen weren't allowed to look better than the Best Man today and I'm pleased to say they have accomplished ..."

Bridal shower thank you cards should be sent out soon after the bridal shower takes place. Generally 1 to 2 weeks after the bridal shower is considered polite. Proper etiquette dictates that thank you cards should be handwritten by the bride and personalized to show that the guest's appearance and gift are appreciated. It is most helpful if the shower hosts and helpers provide the bride with a list of guests that appeared at the shower. The guest list ideally should contain which gifts were given by which guest.


    • 1

      Address the recipient of the note with "Dear." Use "Dearest" if the recipient is a close family member or close friend. Example: "Dear Sandra" or "Dearest Mom."

    • 2

      Mention the specific gift in the thank you card. Example: "Thank you for the pink glass vase."

    • 3

      Comment on how you will use the gift. Example: "The vase will look lovely on our dining room table" or if the gift was money, "We are going to put the $100 you gave us towards repainting our house."

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      Personalize the thank you card for each person. Example: "It meant a lot, Sandra, to have you, my best friend, at my bridal shower" or "It was nice to meet my best friend's sister at my bridal shower. I am glad you came." If you do not have anything special to say, leave this part out, and just thank the person for the gift.

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      Close the thank you letter with "Sincerely," "Love" or "With Love." Use "Love" or "With Love" for close friends and family. Example: "Sincerely, Sandy" or "With Love, your daughter Sandy."

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      Send special thank you cards to each person that helped plan and run the bridal shower. Include a sentence or two to let each person know that their help was appreciated. Example: "Thank you for hosting my bridal shower. You made the event a very special day for me--one which I will always remember."

Tips &- Warnings

  • Send a thank you letter to each guest of the bridal shower--even if they did not bring a gift. For guests who did not bring a gift, thank them for attending.

  • Never express dislike for a gift or unhappiness for the lack of a gift.


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