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Creative wedding march ideas

Creative wedding march ideas

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A wedding ceremony includes a march or procession participated by the bride, groom and the entire wedding entourage. Walking down the aisle with a traditional wedding music is the most common way of doing a wedding march. Some couples may prefer the traditional march, but others prefer a creative approach to make the event more memorable and personal.

  1. Upbeat Dance March

    • A creative way to do a wedding march is by having the entourage dance to an upbeat music. The choreographed dance march makes the ceremony more relaxed and enjoyable to watch. Preparing for the wedding dance march requires a choreographer who can create a dance routine that everyone in the wedding entourage can follow flawlessly. The entrance march may consist of solo, paired and group dance moves, with the bride entering last.

      The dance routine should still be decent or devoid of vulgarity and obscenity, especially when the wedding is inside the church. Obtaining approval from the parish minister or administrator prior to rehearsing the dance will ensure that the non-traditional march will proceed as planned. Furthermore, traditional parents with strict religious values may not agree to the idea of dancing inside the church- therefore, couples should include their parents in the discussions.

    Limbo Rock Entrance

    • The limbo rock dance is a creative way for a wedding entrance, particularly for the outdoors. This entrance requires at least four to five rows of limbo sticks in different heights where the entourage will walk under. Place the highest limbo stick at the rear and the lowest limbo stick to the front, close to the wedding altar. An island wedding in the Caribbean or Hawaiian islands is one location where a limbo rock entrance will be ideal.

    Waltz and Orchestra

    • A wedding entourage entering while doing the waltz played by an orchestra is a regal and creative way to walk down the aisle. An elegant wedding halls, country clubs, hotel ballrooms or opera houses are some of the venues where a waltz entrance will work. This type of entrance may be acceptable in some churches, provided there is prior approval.

      A waltz entrance will require a good waltz choreographer and several hours of practice. Groomsmen and bridesmaids will waltz in pairs as they enter and then will align themselves opposite each other to do the Viennese line dance. The bride will enter with her father and waltz in the middle of the line up where she will pair with her groom. The couple will do a brief waltz and everyone in the entourage will do a curtsy vow before the altar before the ceremony proceeds.


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