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How to rent wedding jewelry

rent wedding jewelry

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Weddings can be expensive, and often brides find themselves compromising on one item or another in order to have the money to spend on a more important element of their ceremony. Fortunately there's a new trend in wedding rentals that's making it easier to save money while still having something spectacular, and that's by renting your jewelry. Now you can sport a necklace on your big day that has a price tag equivalent to a new car or small home, but pay less than the cost of your wedding gown.

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      Ask your favorite jewelry store if they have a rental program, or search online for a jewelry rental store. Adorn Brides is the most popular jewelry rental website so far, but other sites like Bag Borrow or Steal are quickly becoming popular as well (see Resources below).

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      Select your perfect piece of jewelry. Remember that your tastes can run very fine since you can rent a necklace valued at $26,000 for under $1,000. More modest pieces with retail tags of just under $4,000 can be rented for a surprisingly affordable $150.

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      Shop early to make sure you are able to rent the piece you really want. These services are gaining in popularity every day, and many media outlets are turning brides on to renting jewelry, so start looking early and reserve your piece as soon as you know it's the right one for you.

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      Reserve a spot on your credit card for the security deposit as well as the price to rent the jewelry. Most companies will place a hold or pending charge on your credit card for about 5 percent of the retail price of the piece. The charge will be removed after the jewelry is returned, but you'll need the room on your card to place your order.

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      Arrange for someone to be at home to receive the jewelry. These pieces are insured, so they require a signature for delivery. The jewelry is shipped to arrive about 2 days before your wedding day, and you'll be able to track your package online once it's shipped, so you should have plenty of warning (and excuse) to take the day off and hang out around the house.

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      Keep the jewelry in a safe place. Not only will you want to make sure your rental pieces are taken care of and away from prying eyes, but you'll need to have them tucked away in a place where they won't be forgotten or overlooked the day of the wedding.

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      Pack up the rental jewelry to send back to the retailer. Just as with tuxedo and decoration rentals, the company will expect you to return the jewelry the very next day after the wedding. Most will provide a box or other packaging that is already addressed with postage and insurance paid, so all you have to do is drop it off at the appropriate delivery service.

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      Verify that the charge placed on your credit card for the security deposit is removed. If the charge remains, you'll want to call the company and find out whether there was a problem with the shipping, or if something went wrong. Usually there are no problems, but double checking never hurts.

Tips &- Warnings

  • Don't panic if you don't have enough room on your credit card for the security deposit right away. Usually this charge isn't placed on your card until the piece is shipped, so you have time to make sure you have the available credit for the rental. If you still don't have quite enough available, you may have the option of placing the charge on two separate cards, or asking someone else to handle the security deposit for you since it will be refunded to them as soon as the piece makes it back to the retailer.

  • Have someone you trust return the jewelry the very next day after the wedding if you'll be busy on your honeymoon. Just being 24 hours late can cost you around 20 percent of your rental fee, while returning it up to 2 weeks late will cost you an additional 200 percent. Any later than 2 weeks and you'll likely be looking at buying the piece for the retail price on top of the rental price and earlier late fees.

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