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How to select spring wedding colors

select spring wedding colors

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There's nothing more romantic than a spring wedding. As your guests are greeted by the first blooms of spring, they will be reminded of the beautiful bloom of love that your wedding ceremony will honor. Invite spring colors to your wedding celebration when you plan your decorations.

Things You'll Need

  • Three-ring binder
  • Top-loading page protectors
  • Paint chips
  • Gardening magazines
  • Wedding magazines


  1. Get Inspired

    • 1

      Visit your local nursery or garden store to preview flowers in bloom during the spring months. This bounty of natural color may provide you with inspiration for your wedding color selection.

    • 2

      Seek out artwork and other images identified with the celebration of spring. Impressionist artists, such as Monet, were well known for their use of spring color palettes in creating their paintings.

    • 3

      Check out the catwalk in spring fashion shows to get a head start on the fashionable colors for your wedding. These colors are typically forecast up to 1 year in advance by industry professionals, providing you with the opportunity to host a wedding that will be at the pinnacle of fashionable taste.

    Create a Spring Color Scheme

    • 4

      Create a spring color inspiration notebook by setting up a three-ring binder with page protectors. You can insert torn-out magazine pages, color copies of artwork, garden-guidebook images and paint chips from your local paint shop or home-improvement store.

    • 5

      Choose one color to be at the center of your scheme. Spring colors tend to be secondary colors--greens and purples--or lighter hues of the primary colors--pinks, light blues and butter yellows.

    • 6

      Select a couple of accent colors to complement your primary spring wedding color. Typically, accent colors should be a shade or two darker or lighter than your primary wedding color.

    • 7

      Create a greater impact with your color scheme when you select a metallic highlight, such as silver, to incorporate into your decorations. Other metals that complement spring colors include pewter, platinum and white gold.

    • 8

      Keep seasonal availability of flowers in mind when finalizing your color scheme. When you select blooms that are readily available, you may be able to save money on flower arrangements that reflect your spring color scheme.

Tips &- Warnings

  • Avoid colors that wash out in bright sunlight if you are planning an outdoor ceremony. The best way to test this is to take photographs of your color selections in the backyard on a bright, sunny day and see how the colors can change.


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