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Doityourself winter wedding backdrops in utah

Do-it-yourself: winter wedding backdrops in utah

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Your wedding could be one of the most important, memorable days of your life, and proper planning is a must to make this day as perfect as possible. If you are considering a winter wedding in Utah, there are several beautiful locations for an outdoor wedding ceremony that you can easily include in your plans. Natural formations of rock splendor, mountain tops, dessert and lakes abound in the state of Utah for the picture-perfect location of your winter wedding.

  1. Bryce Canyon

    • Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah offers beautiful year-round scenery in a peaceful, natural environment. This area boasts numerous large, natural rock formations referred to as "hoodoos" that would make a beautiful backdrop for your winter wedding. Abundant in trails and overlooks, a wedding ceremony overlooking these natural formations against a brilliant Utah sky could be a great location for your memorable ceremony.

    Arches National Park

    • The Arches National Park is a 73,000-acre area boasting over 2.000 natural arch rock formations. This national park provides a beautiful desert setting suitable for a unique wedding ceremony. An ideal setting for saying your vows could be beneath a natural arch decorated with floral arrangements, greenery and lights. Your guests will be astounded by the natural beauty surrounding them as you are married in the clean, crisp winter air.

    Westwater Canyon

    • Many vibrant, lively rivers run through the state of Utah, and one such active river runs through Westwater Canyon in Utah. The Colorado River is a popular river for white-water rafting, but also provides a scenic environment for an outdoor wedding. Mountains surrounding the river at Westwater Canyon offer beautiful scenery of mountaintops with the roaring sounds of the river below, or you can choose a clearing along the banks of the Colorado River to share your special moment with family and friends.

    Manti-La Sal National Forest

    • Towards the southern area of Utah you will find Manti-La Sal National Forest. This picturesque forest spreads across more than 1.4 million acres offering breathtaking views of lakes, trees, canyons and natural rock arches. You can choose from a variety of settings at Manti-La Sal, whether you wish to be married by a gleaming lake with mountaintops in the background, under a naturally formed arch or at the top of a 12,000-foot mountain peak dotted with fresh, white snow. The possibilities for your big day are endless at this spectacular natural area in South Utah.


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