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Diy rsvp cards

Diy rsvp cards

It's interesting:
"I would like to congratulate Paul on his impeccable taste in choosing such a beautiful wife. And Linda, well done on saying “I do” to my mate Paul, because, let’s face it - that must have been hard."

Do-it-yourself RSVP cards are a simple way to save substantial funds during the wedding planning process. RSVP cards identify how many invitees will attend the special event and, more importantly, the reception, where a final count is crucial to food costs. Get a great response rate with RSVP cards that have a clear message and include a self-addressed envelope.

  1. Page Setup

    • The most important step in creating RSVP cards is correctly setting up the page in Microsoft Word (or other word processing program). For standard flat RSVP cards in Microsoft Word, go to Page Setup under File. All margins should be changed to 1/2 inch and the paper size should be changed to custom, with a width of 4.87 inches and a height of 3.5 inches. Click OK, and move forward with the RSVP design.

    Design Card and Print

    • The same font used on the wedding or event invitation should also be used on the RSVP card. Choose the appropriate font and center the alignment of the font. Wording should be clear and simple, leading with a due date: "Please respond on or before [insert date]" is a traditional example. The space for guest name or names is next: "M________________" with plenty of room on the underline for the invitees to write their names. Two separate lines should follow that signify whether guests will or will not attend, and how many: "___ will attend" and "___ regretfully will not attend."

      RSVP cards are typically printed on card stock, and at-home printing may require manual feeding of this thicker paper. Because of this, expect to spend the most time in the DIY RSVP card process during printing.

    Include Mailing Envelope

    • RSVP cards should include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to make returning it as easy as possible for guests. Mail the RSVP cards as part of the wedding or event invitation package.


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