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How to write your own wedding vows

write your own wedding vows

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"Just as the happy couple wanted, this is a lovely, small, intimate gathering of close friends and family – so could someone please tell me why I'm here."

Your wedding vows are your opportunity to express your love to your spouse and make the most important promises you will ever make. Your wedding vows should be simple, romantic and filled with personal touches from your relationship. You can get an easy start on your vows by beginning with the traditional lines and moving into your own words and statements. Your vows are your own, but you should feel free to use them to form a special connection between you and your spouse.


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      Write a few notes about your relationship. Include how you met and when you knew that you had fallen in love. Ask yourself what she brings to your life and how your life has changed since you met her. Write down where you proposed and any special moments you remember from your relationship. For instance, you may have known you were in love on your first date but were too shy to say it for weeks afterwards. Include this information in your list.

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      List any specific promises that you want to make to your spouse and include personal promises that have special meaning between the two of you. Include your promises to love, honor and cherish, but say them in your own words, with your own personal touch. As an example, you may want to promise that you will never wait when you want to tell him that you love him.

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      Begin writing your vows by using the conventional beginning. Remind yourself that seeing something written on your paper can often help you through the writing process and help you overcome any nervousness about seeing a blank page. For instance, you can begin by writing, "I, (your name), take you, (her name), to be my wedded wife."

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      Write your vows, beginning with a few memories from your relationship. Avoid worrying about the poetry of your writing, just say what you feel and force yourself to write. Include your promises, again, not worrying about the style of your writing. As an example, you may write, "I wanted to tell you that I loved you on our first date but I was too shy. I promise you that I will never again wait to tell you how I feel."

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      Re-read your vows, making corrections where needed. Keep your vows simple but meaningful. Add your own style and personal touches. Write your vows over, from the beginning, and re-write them until you are happy with them. For instance, you may change your vows to read, "On our first date, I realized that I was falling in love with you. I was too shy to tell you at the time, but I vow to never again let a chance pass to tell you that I love you."

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