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Slimming wedding gown styles

Slimming wedding gown styles

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Your wedding day is all about you -- and you want to look your best. You do not have to worry about a few extra pounds. You can find a wedding dress that will hide that extra baggage and actually make you appear slimmer. Choose the dress that is best suited to your body -- and that you feel comfortable in -- and you will be stunning!

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  1. A-Line

    • A classic A-line wedding dress will help hide a thick waist and wide hips. The skirt of the dress flares out into an A-shape, creating the appearance of a smaller waist. When you pair the skirt with a V-neckline, it will help give your body an hourglass figure, as attention will be drawn up from your waist.


    • You can have the Cinderella look and hide your extra weight. A ballgown dress features a tighter waist, and a very large and sometimes elaborate skirt without a train. Commonly, layers of tulle are involved in making the skirt. This dress is excellent for hiding a larger behind or wide hips.

    Empire Waist

    • An empire waist wedding dress is higher than most waists. It falls between a woman's natural waist and her breasts. Since the waist is typically accentuated, it draws attention up from the woman's middle. This dress is good for hiding thicker waists. With the skirt falling from a higher position, the dress will also give you a longer look.

    Strapless, One-Shoulder and Sleeves

    • By choosing a strapless wedding gown, you will again draw attention up from your bigger waist or wider hips. An asymmetrical top, such as a one-shoulder dress, will also draw the attention up. When you want to hide fuller arms, wear a dress with flowing, sheer sleeves or a dress with wide straps that are off the shoulder.

    Ruched Waistline

    • The ruched waistline dress will make you look smaller than the other types of dresses, but is ideal for brides with thicker waists. The ruched waistline dress features a band around the waist that works as a corset. When you pair that with a V-neck and and an A-line skirt, the results are truly slimming.


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