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Nontraditional wedding ideas in las vegas

Nontraditional wedding ideas in las vegas

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"Today, I think we have all learned that there are few things more marvellous than an Autumn wedding, and nothing more beautiful than a Fall bride. It is wonderful occasions like this that provide us all with great memories that we will never, ever forget, and I am incredibly honoured to have been of part of this special day. Also, I want to thank you for getting married at this time of the year, because now, whenever I see the leaves turning colour and falling off the trees, I’ll be reminded that it’s time to buy your anniversary gift."

For most people, planning a wedding takes months or a year. Finding the right venue, organizing the reception and inviting guests takes time under traditional circumstances, but if a couple prefers a nontraditional wedding, they often can throw away the traditional timeline. Las Vegas is full of excitement and energy, and couples have nearly limitless options when it comes to choosing wedding venues.

  1. Helicopter Wedding

    • An adventurous couple will enjoy a helicopter wedding.

      An adventurous couple might enjoy the Ultimate Grand Canyon Helicopter Wedding. As of February 2011, $1,017.50 will get a couple a three-hour wedding package that includes a private ceremony on a bluff in the Valley of Fire State Park, a helicopter flight around the Grand Canyon's west rim, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas and Lake Mead. The flight takes 45 minutes, with the helicopter able to hold up to six passengers. The minister, flowers, cake, photographer and video are included in the price.

    Hot Air Balloon Wedding

    • Hot air balloon ceremonies require good weather.

      Getting married in a hot air balloon provides a view of the city, as well as a unique ceremony. The ceremony lasts for an hour, with takeoffs occurring at dawn. Weather, though, can be an issue, and the balloon ride doesn't work for large wedding parties.

    Medieval Wedding

    • A medieval wedding at Excalibur can be a great choice for history buffs.

      Excalibur Hotel and Casino offers a wide range of wedding packages, including the medieval wedding. The package includes costumes for men and women, a reception and also floral arrangements.

    Pirate Ship Wedding

    • A pirate ship at Treasure Island is a fun way to get married.

      Treasure Island offers a pirate ship wedding for swashbuckling fans. As of February 2011, this package ranges from $3,000 to $3,360. The ceremony takes place outdoors aboard TI's pirate ship. The package includes wedding planning, the minister, floral arrangements, bridal makeup and hair, plus photography package and music selection.

    Drive-Through Wedding

    • The Little White Chapel offers a drive-through option 24 hours a day.

      If a quick and simple ceremony is more your style, then a drive-through wedding chapel might suffice. The Little White Chapel's drive-through wedding window is open all hours and allows couples to marry without leaving the car. This charming tradition began when a disabled couple wanted to marry, but could not leave the car. The minister, Charolette Richards presided over the ceremony while in the driveway.


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