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Nautical wedding cake ideas

Nautical wedding cake ideas

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A seaside or shipboard reception lends itself to a clever wedding cake theme, so go ahead and incorporate elements of your locale into your confection. You can choose to keep it simple and subtle, or go overboard with the decor.

  1. Make It Beachy

    • Stick with a shore theme---brown sugar can be added to the sides or top of each tier to approximate the look of sand, and a sugar artist can craft seashells and starfish out of marzipan. Lighthouses, sand castles or palm trees can make a sweet motif as well.

    Work in Shipboard Motifs

    • Anchors, ship wheels, nautical flags and even sailor's knots can be incorporated into the cake design. Pop a wooden sailboat on top for a charming centerpiece.

    Go Beneath the Waves

    • Consider a blue cake with an abstract design mimicking the waves. Or opt for beautiful fish, sugared pearls, turtles, dolphins or other favorite sea creatures to adorn your tiers. An abstract coral design can be imprinted in the tiers for a more elegant look.

    Capture It in Color

    • A navy and white color scheme immediately says "nautical," or go for a wash of pale blues and aquas or soft peaches and beiges to approximate the color schemes of the sea and the shore.

    Take It to the Top

    • Look for a cool topper that mirrors your theme. Custom cake topper artists can re-create you in scuba gear or sailors' ensembles, or "hanging ten" on a little wave. Tiny wooden boats or lighthouses, glitter-covered starfish, kitschy yellow submarines or even a massive shell can be a fabulous choice.

    Make It Your Groom's Cake

    • If you want to go with a subtle wedding cake, you can still go wild with your theme on your groom's cake. Have the cake shaped like a boat wheel or even a sailboat, or serve up a set of cupcakes adorned with starfish and other sea life.


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