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Wording response cards for a wedding

Wording response cards for a wedding

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Wedding response cards are intended to be short and sweet. It is important to give your guests a brief idea of what they can expect at the reception, but remember the response cards are coming back to you, so this is not the place to include a lot of information. Leave details for the rest of the invitation.

  1. Plated dinner

    • Include the date by which your guests need to RSVP and state that you hope they can join in the celebration. For a plated dinner, include the meal choices on your response card. Make it clear that each guest needs to designate which option they would like to have. It is also important to have a place for them to write their names so you know which person requested each meal choice. A check box or a blank line next to the choices will help to make it clear that they need to fill that part in.

    Buffet dinner

    • For a buffet dinner you need only mention that you would like your guests to join you for dinner and dancing at the reception immediately following the ceremony. It is not necessary to specify that you will be offering a buffet dinner. The specifics of the food only need included if the guests must make some sort of choice ahead of time. You will still need guests to RSVP by a certain date so you can order the appropriate amount of food.

    Cocktail reception

    • Depending on the time of day, it may seem obvious that you will be offering your guests appetizers and cocktails rather than dinner. The same applies if you are considering having a dessert reception. But it is important that your guests know what they can expect at your reception, so that they know to eat dinner beforehand, or plan to afterward. Simply state that you would like to invite your guests to join you for hor'dourves and cocktails immediately following the ceremony. This will clearly let your guests know that you will be offering food, but not a complete meal.

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