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Botanical prints of geranium

Botanical prints of geranium

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One of the easiest flowering plants to grow and propagate, the geranium shows up in indoor pots, outside window boxes and flower beds. Admired by many, this flower blooms in various shades of pink, salmon or orange, but the most prevalent is the red geranium. Geranium lovers will enjoy their beauty in the artworks that feature them.

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  1. "Two Geraniums" by Alice Holcomb

    • Alice Holcomb, 1906-1977, painted the oil-on-canvas "Two Geraniums," now part of a collection at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, donated by H. Lawrence Holcomb. The still life features two rustic flower pots of red geraniums resting on a small polished table.

    "Red Geraniums" by Robert Kushner

    • The Smithsonian Associates Art Collectors Program commissioned Robert Kushner to create the screen print "Red Geraniums," a print inspired by the artist's visits to Japan. His screen print features the red geraniums as well as copper, silver and gold touches.

    "Pot of Geraniums" by Matisse

    • A part of the Chester Dale collection, "The Pot of Geraniums" by French artist Henri Matisse features an oil-on-linen study of a pot of pink geraniums. The pot sits forward in the painting with no other visible flowers in the four pots tiered behind it.

    Geranium Series by Noel Skiba

    • Noel Skiba, an American artist whose works feature a variety of subjects, many of which are nature oriented include a series of geranium works. Among those she has painted are "Geranium Cottage,"Geranium Cottage and Birch," "St. Anne's and Geraniums," "Geraniums on Mackinac Island" and "Grand Geranium View."

    "Geraniums at Circle P Ranch" by Ruth Carroll

    • A Californian artist, Ruth Carroll has an extensive background in carving carousel animals and creating paintings of them as well. She now works in oils, creating portraiture and still life, including her "Geraniums at Circle P Ranch," a sunny look at two pots of geraniums resting on a wooden chaise in the yard.

    "Geraniums" by Dorothy Weir

    • Dorothy Weir's linoleum-cut "Geraniums" features a profusely blooming blue geranium on a pink and maroon background. The artwork belongs to the Brigham Young University of Art. The artist lived from 1890 to 1947.

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