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Outoftown guest gift bag ideas

Out-of-town guest gift bag ideas

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Whether you are having a destination wedding away from all of your family and friends or you live away from some of your guests. You can make the wedding easier for your out-of-town guests by supplying them with a special gift bag. This gift bag includes items that will make their stay more enjoyable and help make them feel at-home, especially when they are not familiar with the area.

  1. Bags

    • The bags that you use for your out-of-town gift bags can be just about any type of bag. If you are on a tighter budget, purchase cheap paper gift bags that match your wedding colors. However, if you are able to spend a little more, use bags that your guests can keep and reuse, such as tote bags, reusable grocery bags or even a bucket. If your wedding has a theme, match the container with your wedding theme. For instance, if you are having a western-themed wedding, choose an aluminum bucket or cowboy hat.


    • If your out-of-town guests are not from the area, maps can help them get from place to place. You may have included a map with your invitations, but it is never a bad idea to include another in these gift bags. Include other maps that show other areas of interest, such as good restaurants, gas stations and points of interest for the area. If the guests will be included in any wedding-sponsored events, include maps to these locations as well.


    • Those guests who are staying in a hotel may not have thought to bring snacks or may not have been able to. Include bottles of water in your out-of-town gift bags so your guests have something to drink. Include some snack items, such as small bags of pretzels, chips, gum or other candy. Purchase candy bars that have your wedding information on them to add to your gift bags.

    Local Items

    • Guests who are not from the area generally appreciate receiving items that are specific to the area. Find something that the area is known for and include those items in the gift bags. For instance, if you are getting married in Wisconsin, include cheese and sausage for your out-of-town guests. Or if you are getting married in Boston, include Boston Baked Beans candy. If your wedding is on a beach, include sunscreen and seashells.

    Hospitality Items

    • Some guests will make sure they bring everything they need and most hotels will supply items, such as soap, towels and shampoo. However, you can add sample-sized toiletry items to help your guests feel at home. Items such as toothpaste and hand cream are good items to include as those guests who are flying may not have been allowed to bring them onto the airplane. Scented soaps can also provide a nice change from the soaps that are provided by hotels for their guests.


    • Travelling from your home to attend a wedding can be expensive for your guests, so you want to make sure they know you appreciate their attendance. Write a customized letter for each out-of-town guest or family to thank them for taking the time to share your special day. Welcome them to the area and let them know what kinds of entertainment and dining they can find in the area. You may even want to include contact information for a designated go-to person who can help with directions or questions.


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