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Peacock ideas

Peacock ideas

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"My first impression of Linda was that she was such a beautiful, witty, charming, clever, friendly and thoughtful person. And when she agreed to marry Paul, it totally proved to me that old adage – opposites really do attract."

The bright, bold hues of a peacock feather have made this beautiful bird popular throughout the ages. With its turquoise green, royal blue and deep purple coloring, the peacock feather makes a beautiful accent piece. Take inspiration from the peacock and incorporate some of its colors into themes in your life.

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  1. Wedding Theme

    • Peacock feathers make a beautiful theme for a wedding. The colors translate well into bridesmaid dresses, table linens and flowers, and you can use the feathers as accent pieces. Invitations can feature peacocks or feathers, and the cake topper can display them as well. In addition, the bridge can hold a bouquet of peacock feathers, instead of flowers.

    Party Idea

    • When throwing the next holiday get-together, consider using peacocks as a theme. These colors are festive without being indicative of any religious festival, and will still highlight the warmth and joy of the season. Use peacock feathers as accent pieces in centerpiece bowls filled with green and blue ornaments. Another classic idea is to stick a single peacock feather into a folded napkin at each place setting. The range of peacock colors make this appropriate for any season.

    Room Decor

    • It's easy to design a room with this a peacock theme, whether you like the bird itself or just the colors. Consider painting the walls one of the bright, beautiful hues of the feather, and using peacock items throughout the room. Use feathers in vases as accents, and find a vintage peacock painting to place on the wall. This will quickly become a stunning room in a classic design, all featuring the beauty and grace of the peacock.

    Hair Items

    • Another way to incorporate the peacock is to use peacock feathers as a hair piece. There are several ways to do this. There are jeweled peacock brooches that make perfect hair clips, turning a casual do into a formal masterpiece. For a more casual look that still incorporates the peacock, there are many different headbands available with peacock feathers attached to them. This is a unique fashion statement that will make anyone look beautiful.


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