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Mexican wedding decorations

Mexican wedding decorations

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Mexican-style weddings can be decorated on any budget. A bride on a small budget can decorate her wedding using simple, bright centerpieces and white linens, and a bride with a larger budget may use elaborate, bright linens, with a mix of centerpieces. Mexican weddings are known for high energy, lots of fun, entertainment and traditional favors.

  1. Setting

    • When using Mexican decorations for your wedding, the first thing you should consider is the setting. An old Catholic church with bright colors or a Spanish-style home would be a good place to get married. It's traditional to have the reception at the bride's home, but you can enhance any location to make it a Mexican fiesta.


    • The biggest element to Mexican decorations is color. Decorate your Mexican-style wedding in contrasting bright colors. Hot pinks, bright oranges, reds and teals are the colors that characterize Mexican wedding receptions. With many Mexican weddings, you'll see these colors in the bridesmaids' dresses, the programs, the ceremony and reception decor and the invitations.


    • You can find terracotta pots filled with bright flowers and cacti on the center of the tables at many Mexican wedding receptions. Many brides place various sizes of cacti in the middle of the reception tables or a combination of terracotta pots filled with flowers and cacti. Bright-colored daisies and roses are normally used in the bouquets and in the centerpieces.


    • Some brides use white or pastel linens in their Mexican-style receptions so their bright centerpieces pop. Others use contrasting bright table linens and centerpieces. For example, you might see hot pink tablecloths and napkins with a centerpiece of orange flowers.


    • Mexican wedding cookies are traditional favors and can be wrapped and arranged as decorations on a separate table. You can design and print a brightly colored sign that says, "Love's never been so sweet" and include a note that thanks the guests for attending the wedding. If a couple wants to use them for place cards, they may place them in small, clear boxes and label each box with the guest's name. Favors are often used as decorations.


    • Many Mexican weddings with children include a colorful pinata, which serves as decor and entertainment. Also, the Mexican wedding theme is often incorporated into the music with a live mariachi band. The musicians' bright costumes add fiesta-like charm.


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