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Top 10 online photography colleges

Top 10 online photography colleges

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If you have ever wanted a photography education, pursuing an online degree may be the right choice for you. The daunting task can be deciding which program to enroll in, as there are many to choose from. Some offer up full undergraduate and graduate degrees, with lists of required courses that cover every aspect of photography. Others are shorter programs with a more basic focus, and there are some programs where you can just pick and choose single classes that interest you.

  1. New York Institute of Photography

    • The New York Institute of Photography is one of the oldest and largest photography schools in the country. The staff is comprised of professional photographers. Most of them are working in New York City, the photography capital of the world. NYI offers classes in professional photography, Photoshop and the fundamentals of digital photography.

      New York Institute of Photography

      211 East 43rd Street

      New York, NY 10017-4707

      (212) 867-8260

    Academy of Art University Online

    • The Academy of Art was founded in San Francisco in 1929. It has since expanded some of its art classes to an online branch. You can receive your degree in photography from the school, and you may also receive the online award of completion in photo digital imaging, which is given after only three classes. If you visit its Website, there is a list of large companies which hire the Academy of Art's graduates.

      Academy of Art University

      79 New Montgomery Street, 4th Floor

      San Francisco, CA 94105-3410

      (800) 544-2787

    The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online

    • The Art Institute has locations all around the country, but its location in Pittsburgh also has an online branch. Online through the Art Institute, you can earn your 4-year degree in photography. The program is 12 quarters long, with online convenience and accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. With this program, you will learn everything from digital photography to lighting, studio photography, portraiture, the business of photography and design. The school even offers internships.

      The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online

      (877) 872-8869

    International Academy of Design &- Technology

    • The International Academy of Design &- Technology offers potential students an associates degree in digital photography. Not only will this program teach you about using your camera and shooting photos, it will also provide classes in the technical aspects of the business of being a professional photographer. You will work with lighting, models and digital programs to enhance photos.

      International Academy of Design &- Technology

      5104 Eisenhower Blvd.

      Tampa, FL 33634

      (888) 770-2111

    The Perfect Picture School of Photography

    • At the Perfect Picture School of Photography, the staff claims that they eat, sleep and dream photography. All the instructors say that failure is not an option. At the Perfect Picture school, staff members are there to help you 100 percent. The school aims to make clear and concise lesson plans that are easy to understand by all interested in the courses.

      (877) 428-8730

    Penn Foster Career School

    • Penn Foster is the largest accredited independent study school. It offers each graduate a photography certificate. The certificate consists of five instructional sets. Once you are enrolled, the first set is sent to you. After you have completed your study and exams for it, the second set is then sent. With this certificate program, you will learn photography basics, lighting techniques, designing your image and business skills.

      Penn Foster Career School

      925 Oak Street

      Scranton, PA 18515

      (800) 275-4410

    Icon Photography School

    • Icon Photography School aims to, through online classes, help people to increase the quality of their photographs. This course is composed of 11 lesson plans and only takes about two to four weeks to complete. Icon stresses that its program is not based around tests and quizzes of technical knowledge, although those things are included. It provides one-on-one feedback to students' work, and it's more project-based than anything else. Icon wants its students to go out and complete a photography project. Instructors then critique the work, offering advice for improvement for the next project.

      Icon Photography School

      1424 Commercial Drive


      Vancouver, BC

      V5L 5G2

    Stare Photography

    • Stare Online Photography School says it teaches the art and science of photography, whether it be film or digital, with easy-to-understand courses. This short program can be completed in two weeks, or it can take as long as you need it to take. At the end of the program, you will received a diploma from Stare Photography announcing your completion of the program. This program was developed by professional and semi-professional photographers, some of which have worked for Disney, Esquire and NBC.

      Stare Photography

      PO Box 304

      Lakeside, Oregon 97449

    Photography Mentor

    • Photography Mentor is a social networking site that also offers photography classes. Created by Robert Evans, who photographed the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, as well as other award-winning photographers, Photography Mentor is meant for inspiration, education and motivation. The Playground is the networking portion, and it is free of cost to join. Enjoy the forums, photo albums and podcasts.

      The School portion of the Website does have an annual tuition, but it includes video lectures from professional photographers, opportunities to connect directly with the professionals who created the site and assignments that you can participate in for prizes.

      Photography Mentor

    Better Photo

    • Better Photo offers more than 80 different classes online in photography. This online program allows you to pick and choose any individual class you may be interested in. You are then allowed to complete the class on your own time. You can choose between options focusing on people, nature, travel, composition, lighting and Photoshop. It has classes on wedding photography, creative close-ups, stock photography and photography as a business.

      Better Photo

      (888) 927-9992


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