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Hunting theme wedding cake decorations

Hunting theme wedding cake decorations

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Your wedding cake is a highly anticipated aspect of the wedding reception. Guests look forward to not only the cake's taste but its design. When you've planned for a hunting theme wedding, you have several choices in style for your cake. Locate a talented baker in your area who can build your dream wedding cake customized specifically to your outdoorsy, hunting concept.

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  1. Hunting Animals

    • Top the cake with a common hunted animal such as a quail, deer or elk. Choose to use either animals created from chocolate fondant or plastic figurines as a cake-topper. Surround the base of the top tier using cattails and tall grass created from rolled fondant. Choose a multi-tiered square cake and use one or two other fondant animals perched on each layer continuing with the cattail design. Add a few elements to the bottom tier such as trees to complete your design. Place the entire cake on a level slice of a tree log for a decorative element and tie in your outdoor hunting theme.


    • Ask for your cake creation to be topped by a large hunting rifle created from Rice Krispie treats and shaped cake rolled and covered in fondant. If the cost to create a signature rifle is too high for your budget, purchase an inedible toy gun instead. Place the rifle on top of a large single-tiered sheet cake. Have fondant rolled bullets created to cascade around a portion of the cake to look as if the gun was just shot and the shells are laying aimlessly around the cake. Place other edible hunting items such as safety goggles and boots on top of the cake as well.

    Hunting Scene

    • As it is common for a hunter to never leave home without his trusty companion and hunting equipment, create a snapshot of a hunting scene to be recreated on your cake. Design an all white four-tiered square cake with fondant sticks, stones, leaves and pebbles all around. Use elk or deer horns peeking out of the top tier for the topper of the cake, created from molded chocolate gum paste. Place plastic outdoors figurines such as a canoe with paddles, a tent and a hunting dog around the base of each layer.


    • Ask that your cake be decorated entirely in camouflage. Use green, black and gray as your theme for your cake. Incorporate some of the other hunting ideas such as hunting rifles and deer. Ask for a custom-made couple to be shaped and designed from fondant or purchase a cake topper to save cost and time. Hunting theme cake toppers can be found at Bass Pro Shops (basspro.com), eBay and KenFections (kenfections.com). Place a man in hunting gear with his bride on the top of the cake and write a cute saying on the cake such as "I went hunting and I finally got you."

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