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Outside summer wedding cake ideas

Outside summer wedding cake ideas

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"This wedding really couldn't come at a better time for anyone. Gary will probably be bald by this time next year. And Annabelle's just found out that ..."

Ah, summer. The days are hot. The nights are warm. The air is thick with humidity. All of these attributes are a threat to the perfect summer wedding cake. Combat the elements by choosing a baker who has experience with outdoor affairs. Consider alternatives to wedding cakes that may be less likely to melt in the summer air, and make sure you place your cake strategically. That means keeping it out of direct sunlight. You can have your dream cake if you are willing to be creative and plan ahead.

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  1. Wine Grove Cakes

    • Are you having a wedding in a wine vineyard? A wine grove cake is the perfect addition to an outdoor summer wedding at a winery. Have your baker drape a simple white or violet cake with sugared wine grapes and greenery. This same look can be recreated with fondant grapes and vines.

    3-D Cakes

    • A groom's cake is an ideal cake to turn into a creative, three-dimensional sweet. gives several creative examples, including a sailboat with a "-Just Married"- sign on the back and a cake shaped like a pail of clams and crabs for a clam bake reception. Work with your baker to design a unique, three-dimensional cake that reflects a summery theme.

    Tower of Roses Cake

    • Impress guests with an outdoor display of roses. A towering tiered white cake gives instant elegance and glitz with thick borders of red roses. Make the cake more romantic with chocolate, pink, yellow and lavender roses. This is something that you can do yourself--or someone in your bridal party can do--if you are trying to save money on cake.

    Art-Inspired Cakes

    • A fancy outdoor wedding should have classical music wafting, musicians in tuxedos and elegant sweets to match. Display an art-inspired cake under a tree to protect it from the shade. Some ideas: A cake topped with water lilies and lily pads, inspired by the famous Monet impressionist painting- or, for a summer night affair consider a Vincent Van Gogh "-Starry Night"- cake.


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