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The most dramatic restaurants in nyc

The most dramatic restaurants in nyc

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There are few cities in the world that offer as many dramatic settings as New York. From the Statue of Liberty to Central Park, there are moving sights at every corner. When it comes to dramatic restaurants, the options are nearly as diverse as the range of cuisines found throughout the city.

  1. Lobby Lounge

    • The Mandarin Oriental hotel, located at Columbus Circle on the southwest corner of Central Park, features the Lobby Lounge, 35 floors above the ground. Here, the glass windows offer a view of the park, along with the surrounding buildings, while the interior decor features classic New York, art deco design. The menu is fairly light, consisting mostly of appetizers, such as dim sum and Kobe beef sliders, while a variety of drinks are served at tea time and cocktail hour.

    The Modern

    • The Museum of Modern Art is one of the city's leading settings for modern art, and the museum's restaurant, the Modern, is its answer to the dramatic restaurant. Aside from the floor-to-ceiling glass walls that look out on the museum's sculpture garden, the decor is minimal. In fact, given the intricate presentation of the dishes, which consist of light, high-end French cuisine, it could be said the food is the art in this setting.

    Giando on the Water

    • Although Manhattan is the first place to look when it comes to dramatic restaurants in New York City, Giando on the Water in Brooklyn has something that no Manhattan restaurant can offer: a complete a view of its skyline. Located on the East River, just below the Williamsburg bridge, Giando is encased in large, glass walls that display everything between the water and the sky. This upscale restaurant is a popular choice for romantic dinners, weddings and private parties, for which it provide its own event planners. Faithful to its location, Giandos features a menu focused on Italian and seafood dishes.


    • While some restaurants are dramatic in their decor and presentation, Ninja, located in the chic TriBeCa neighborhood in lower Manhattan, takes it one step further. As the name implies, this restaurant features a staff consisting mostly of ninjas, who go hand and hand with the setting, which, being underground, has the feel of a secret lair. According to the restaurant's website, Ninja's philosophy is to "impress and move our customers." The food, which consists of a Japanese-inspired menu featuring several prix-fixe options, is served with flair, with bursts of flames and delicately balanced deserts.


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