Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Funny wedding ideas

Funny wedding ideas

It's interesting:
"Wasn't the wedding ceremony beautiful? The highlight, of course, was Linda floating magically down the aisle. I'm sure we were all thinking exactly the same ..."

Show everyone what a fun couple you and your spouse are and add some humor and excitement to your wedding. Come up with ideas that no one else would typically use at a traditional ceremony. A bit of humor can go a long way, bringing a positive vibe to the event.

  1. Use Funny Wedding Vows

    • Add some funny wedding vows to your ceremony. Act natural and say your vows in a serious tone, then unexpectedly throw in some funny lines at the end. The bride can talk about finances and how she accepts him for richer or poorer, even when he spends all of the extra money on his man toys. The groom can talk about how he will love and honor her, answering "yes dear" even when she nags about the toilet seat being up and so forth. Add in your own sense of humor and be creative.

    Dance Down the Aisle

    • Have the entire wedding party dance down the aisle to an upbeat nontraditional wedding song that everyone will enjoy. Everyone can stand and clap along to the beat of the music. The groom can still stand at the altar, but as soon as the bride comes out dancing, he can dance his way down the aisle to greet her. There is no doubt that this funny wedding idea will get everyone laughing and having a good time.

    Have the DJ Play a Funny Joke

    • Add to the humor and play a joke on the bride and groom. Talk to the DJ about pretending that he forgot all of the music that the married couple requested and that he will only be able to play a certain kind of music. Have the DJ try to get everyone interested in the new kind of music and see how they react. Once the bride and groom seem to be concerned, play their favorite song and let them know it was all in good fun.

    Let the Best Man Have Some Fun

    • Have the best man put on a show for the groom. As guests walk in to the wedding ceremony, hand keys out to many of the females. Later on when the best man gives a speech, have him talk about the groom having a wild past and how all the women with a key to his house need to return it at that time. After a few women walk up with keys in their hands, all the guests will be laughing hysterically.


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