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How to write a wedding plan sheet

write a wedding plan sheet

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Planning a wedding can be a long, stressful process. Making a planning sheet can help you keep track of all of the things you want to accomplish in order to have the wedding of your dreams. Working with a wedding planner can help mitigate the stress and delegate a large portion of the workload to other people, but ultimately, you are the person who has to do all of the decision making. A wedding plan sheet is a good way to monitor your progress.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Computer
  • Microsoft Excel


  1. Writing a Plan Sheet

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      Think about all the things that you want to have at your wedding, regardless of how extravagant they seem. You might include such things as a three-tier cake, letterpress invitations, flower girl, large wedding party, five-course dinner, fancy reception hall and designer wedding gown. Write them down as you brainstorm. Discuss your wishes with your soon-to-be-spouse to make sure you agree on what you want. When you are done brainstorming, look at your list. Decide on what is practical in terms of your budget and eliminate any extras if you have to. The remaining items comprise the tasks that you will include on your wedding plan sheet.

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      Organize your list to form your wedding plan sheet. Type your list into an Excel spreadsheet. Enter each task separately in the first column. Along the top row, label columns with various stages of completion, such as "discussed with wedding planner," "selected a company," "placed order," and "expected date of arrival." Designate the last column as the completion column. Put an "X" in this column when it is finished.

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      Review your list with your wedding planner, soon-to-be-spouse and maid of honor to ensure that you haven't missed anything. Add new tasks as they arise and remove any that you decide are not practical. Update your sheet as you complete tasks so that the information is current. Write down any notes, such as the date and time that you left a voicemail for the caterer. This way you won't have the stress of trying to remember everything you've done.


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