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Nyc sunday brunch restaurants

Nyc sunday brunch restaurants

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"Tradition decrees that the best man responds to the toast to the bridesmaids and I am happy to be asked to do so. Like everything else about this wedding they were perfection itself."

Brunch is a quintessential part of the New York City experience, and on Sundays, it's the city's quintessential meal. An iconic mash-up of breakfast and lunch, brunch is practically an NYC invention, or so New Yorkers claim. Simultaneously a culinary adventure and hangover cure, it's every New Yorker's beloved respite for over-the-top sweet and savory indulgence. Here, some of the city's best brunch restaurants.

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  1. Sarabeth's Kitchen - Uptown

    • At Sarabeth's Kitchen, you'll experience NYC Sunday brunch at its most classic, celebrated best.

      Sarabeth's Kitchen is a New York institution, legendary for its signature powerhouse Sunday brunch tradition. Sarabeth's opened in 1981 as a tiny bakery-kitchen selling homemade baked goods and jams. Thanks to popular demand, Sarabeth's soon expanded into full restaurant capacity. The Upper East Side flagship was first to make its name, followed by a crosstown location for Upper West Siders to call their own, and the rest is brunch-loving history.

      The menu is conscientiously versatile in design, an inspired collection of both sweet and savory offerings to satisfy any taste, any time of day -- considering that "brunch-time" translates loosely to whenever you want it, and at Sarabeth's is generously from 8:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. Sarabeth's original trademark baked goods and jams are now its every brunch's perfect happy ending.

    Pastis - Meatpacking District

    • Pastis is a chic Parisian bistro pioneer in the NYC's meat-packing district gastronomical revolution. Today, Pastis is also a popular and critical favorite for top-notch Sunday brunch in this premier foodie neighborhood. Their trademark brunch is pure French-inspired comfort food, a culinary experience so rich in style and decadence as to have rightly earned the status of an NYC classic.

      Here you'll find people indulgently whiling away their Sundays, feasting on signature French menu items like eggs benedict, buttery croque monsieurs and steak frites and getting their buzz on with specialty champagne cocktails. A sensory escape from the city's daily grind, Pastis is worthy of any bruncher's list.

    The Bottomless Sunday Brunch - Yerba Buena

    • At NYC's bountiful bottomless Sunday brunch joints, signature cocktails flow freely for maximum consumptive indulgent pleasure.

      Bottomless brunches are now a celebrated Sunday mainstay, a flourishing tradition within tradition of brunching punctuated by unlimited, free-flowing booze. The concept seems uniquely tailor-made for the city's festive, free-spirited Sunday afternoons.

      Today, countless quality eateries feature their own take on the concept to satisfy booze-and-chowhound New Yorkers. For one exceptional example, consider downtown Manhattan's Yerba Buena, where innovative Latin-inspired Sunday brunch, intoxicating in its own right, is fueled by bottomless cocktail complements. Here, your glass is perpetually full with all-you-can-drink of signature bellini, mimosa and jalapeno bloody marys.


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