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Grecian style weddings

Grecian style weddings

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"I'd like to talk about Paul's greatest achievement, which happened today, and that was keeping his suit jacket on throughout the ceremony and resisting what must have been an intense desire to turn up in shorts today. But despite the heat and discomfort, it’s been well worth the effort, for amongst other things, the wet patch down the length of his left leg can be passed off as sweat."

Transport guests to the Mediterranean with a Grecian style wedding. Incorporate Greek wedding traditions into the ceremony, adding a touch of Greece to even the most non-traditional wedding. Fill the reception hall with white and blue with a touch of silver to bring the vibrancy of Greece to life. Turn yourself into a goddess with a dress inspired by the women of Ancient Greece. The recipe for a successful Greek-inspired reception consists of plenty of food, wine and dancing.

  1. Ceremony

    • Ask the best man to place stefana, or flowered crowns, on the bride and groom that are linked with a silk ribbon. The crown is a symbol of God and the ribbon symbolizes unity between the couple. Walk three times around the altar in your first steps as a married couple, then remove the stefana. The three times around the altar symbolizes the Holy Trinity, and several portions of the traditional Greek ceremony are repeated three times.


    • Wear a wedding gown inspired by the Greek goddesses. Choose a dress with one shoulder that has an A-line shape and drapes gracefully to the floor. Select dresses for the bridesmaids in a shade of light blue with a strapless design and a sweetheart neckline that is reminiscent of Aphrodite. Wear strappy gladiator sandals under your dress to mimic a bride from Ancient Greece. Place a sugar cube in the bridal bouquet as a wish for a sweet life. Ask the florist to weave ivy into your bouquet because ivy is a symbol of endless love to the people of Greece.


    • Look for a reception venue that has columns to give the party a true Greek feel. Drape the tables in white table cloths and place light blue linen napkins on them. For an extra touch, add white chair covers draped elegantly with light blue sashes. Create circular centerpieces out of flowers and place a candle in the center. Drape the walls with gauzy fabrics made to appear like Ancient Greek curtains.


    • Serve traditional Greek food, such as grilled fish, lamb chops and fish soup. Offer meatballs, fried shrimp, eggplant dip and anchovy salad as appetizers. Besides having a multi-tiered cake, provide a selection of other desserts, including baklava, which is layers of pastry with nuts soaked in honey. Wine is an important part of Greek receptions, especially white wine. Plan ahead for the long celebration with an abundant wine supply.

    Other Traditions

    • Give guests the traditional Greek wedding favor, candy-coated almonds. The almonds, known as koufeta in Greece, are wrapped in small mesh bags or blue boxes. The bride and groom may perform the kalamatiano, which is a dance where they each hold the end of the same handkerchief in one of their hands. Invite guests to join in the Greek circle dance and break inexpensive plates to ward off evil spirits.


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